Volume 66, Number 15

Published January 11, 2012

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  • A quick guide to stereotyping

    You know what I really hate about Mexicans?
    I don’t mean to sound racist or prejudiced or anything like that, but the one thing I really can’t stand about Mexicans is that they’re a very diverse people, which makes it hard to make hurtful generalizations about them.

  • Capturing the ripples

    “So, what are you going to do with that?”

  • Osborne Village development

    What do you think of the direction of development in Osborne Village?

  • Sustainability with or without federal help, Axworthy says

    The University of Winnipeg remains committed to the Kyoto Protocol despite Canada reneging on its obligations, University of Winnipeg president Lloyd Axworthy says.

  • Shirley Valentine poised to impress

    At almost 800 seats, the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s John Hirsch Mainstage is a very large venue - especially when you’re the only one onstage.

  • Escaping the mould

    As a filmmaker, making the leap from short films to feature lengths is like walking the Prairies your whole life and then deciding to climb a mountain. It’s a steep learning curve, and not without expense.

  • Why frosty late-January should soon equate to Big Fun

    Winnipeggers are experts at cramming many festivals into a relatively short summer. From Jazz Fest and the Fringe Festival to Folklorama and the Winnipeg Folk Fest, there is no shortage of multi-artist entertainment between May and September.

  • Let’s hope it doesn’t snow again

    Although musicians receive the label “pretentious” far too often, the word does not apply to Canadian singer-songwriter Chad VanGaalen.

  • WSO brings Iceland to Winnipeg

    The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra is ringing in the New Year with world premieres and a roster packed with internationally renowned talent.

  • The January blues

    New Year’s Eve has come and gone once more, leaving in its wake a brand new calendar year - along with plenty of confetti and other, less pleasant things to sweep up off of the floor.

  • The time is now

    For most gym owners, Christmas actually comes in January.

  • What to make happen

    For me, making resolutions isn’t usually an important part of my new year. However, maybe this is why I end up wanting to finish a million things but not finishing anything.

  • English Students Association resurrected at the U of W

    Trying to balance a university workload with the other parts of a student’s life can be difficult at the best of times. Since the last batch of students involved in the English Students Association (ESA) graduated a few years ago, no one else has had time to keep it going.

  • New union prepares for first collective bargaining agreement

    The union for the University of Winnipeg’s teaching assistants, lab demonstrators, markers and tutors is preparing for its first collective bargaining agreement.

  • New report sheds light on the state of Winnipeg’s inner city

    Winnipeg’s poorest residents continue to be caught between rising housing costs and falling income levels, according to a new report released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

  • Charity sounds alarm on scammers

    A prominent Winnipeg homeless shelter, along with police and consumer advocates, are reminding people to be cautious after a series of fraudulent solicitation swept the city this past holiday season.