Volume 65, Number 4

Published September 23, 2010

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  • The Better Voter Series: Mayoral candidate wants to disband the executive policy committee

    In a campaign where the buzz words are “openness” and “transparency,” mayoral candidate Nancy Thomas is proposing a bold method to clean up accountability on Winnipeg’s city council.

  • Fisher River Cree Nation withdraws from the Southern Chiefs Organization

    The Fisher River Cree Nation’s (FRCN) recent withdrawal from the Southern Chiefs Organization (SCO) has some wondering what members gain by belonging to multiple political advocacy groups.

  • A different kind of sponsorship scandal

    Orientation week is a busy time for students and staff at the University of Winnipeg. Classes are beginning, tuition has to be paid and this year, protests have to be planned.

  • Cutting structural deficit will be hard without cutting out neoliberal ideology

    When Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page released his Fiscal Sustainability Report in January, explaining among other things that the debt will explode to 200 per cent of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product by 2050 if current fiscal policy is maintained, you’d think that the media or the federal opposition would pay attention to it for more than a month.


    It’s hard to believe that Winnipeg’s Jarrett Moffatt created this four-track online album simply for a school project.

  • Studying the meaning behind hip hop’s rhymes

    This is a man’s world, this is a man’s world – James Brown
    The Hardest Working Man in Show Business wrote this in 1966, long before hip hop was on the scene.

  • On-campus boot camps ready to pump you up

    School is back in full swing and for many students this means it’s time to get back into the habit of working out.

  • Soft language softens meaning

    I noticed a funny thing the other day while watching the evening news. People don’t get raped in Winnipeg anymore. They get beaten, killed, shot, stabbed, hit by cars and even set on fire. But they don’t get raped. Isn’t that nice?

  • The Better Voter Series: This week on the campaign trail…

    This week on the campaign trail…

  • San Francisco roots-folk troubadour tackles relationships on new record

    The theme running through San Francisco singer-songwriter Jesse DeNatale’s next record may not strike people as earth-shattering at first: relationships.


    This inaugural full-length by Winnipeg-based XVI Eyes (16 Eyes) is a testament to their dedication, as it took two years and a series of line-up changes to finally coalesce.

  • The Better Voter Series: Accountability lost: Winnipeg 2004 – 2010

    Three pillars of accountable government are transparency, integrity and honesty. With the upcoming civic election getting closer, we should examine the last six years of city politics since Sam Katz was elected as mayor and see what kind of a government we’ve had.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Supercharging your soup for the fall season

    Fall weather ushers in soup season. Soup can be a healthy meal if it is done right, and making a large batch on the weekend will ensure that you have enough to last you all week.

  • The Better Voter Series: You can’t fight city hall… or so the saying goes

    The obstacles facing citizen groups and social justice advocates who attempt to influence policy decisions at the municipal level can seem insurmountable. Indeed, this sentiment may have something to do with the abysmally low voter turnout that typically dogs civic elections.

  • Renowned street artist Banksy takes sharp, critical aim at the art industry

    Exit through the Gift Shop is an intriguing documentary by British graffiti artist Banksy.


    Simply put, this 12-track standout sophomore effort puts this young New York band beyond their years.

  • The Cube in Old Market Square

    What do you think about the, The Cube, the new stage in Old Market Square?

  • Drilling a rich future for Manitoba

    One of the province’s oldest industries is set to continue mining new jobs and business for Manitobans well into the next decade, according to those involved in its evolution.

  • A better studio by design

    At first glance, Melissa Krawetz and Arthur Paguio’s design studio and art gallery doesn’t give away much.

  • Packing up the ol’ geetar

    Raunchy comedy musician J. Williamez takes a hiatus from corrupting virgin ears to focus on school, business side of media industry

  • Why everyone is an idiot

    I’m partway into my second year of the creative communications program at Red River College, and I’m learning some really interesting things.

  • Local News Briefs

    Violence against police on the rise; Offensive children’s t-shirt less than stylish; Love high up in the air; City taken to court for unpopular traffic changes; Serving up gold

  • Embracing the end of someone else’s life

    There is no doubt about it – Bodies… The Exhibition brings controversy along with it wherever it goes, and Winnipeg is no exception.

  • International News Briefs

    Sinatra not allowed in Church; Heading for a meltdown; Trouble in the Sundarbans; Democracy delayed; Mexican prisons broken

  • The Better Voter Series: A question of transparency at city hall

    Winnipeg’s 2010 civic election has put transparency at the forefront with questions raised about the details of a recently inked deal that links the city to a private company for the next 30 years.

  • Rotary and Rotaract clubs combine good causes with good business

    International in scope and local in focus, Winnipeg Rotary Clubs and their youth-focused off-shoot, Rotaract, are all about making connections and helping out where there’s a need.

  • Performers speak out against The Cube stage in Old Market Square

    For many of its stakeholders, it is an innovative, architectural marvel. For many performers and musicians, it is an impractical, dangerous structure similar to something from a science fiction movie.

  • Reaching the Summit: Connecting Manitoba’s Arctic to the world

    Part 2 in a two-part series.

    A summit at the University of Winnipeg in November will allow people to come together and collaborate on ideas and opportunities in the Arctic region.

  • The Better Voter Series: Mayoral candidate spotlight

    You may only know her as Judy Alphabet, but there’s more to mayoral candidate Judy Wasylycia-Leis than a long, hyphenated name.

  • Boxing against corporatization

    My mission was to draw attention to the fact that the corporate presence at the University of Winnipeg is becoming increasingly insidious and pervasive. I hoped that some students would say “enough” and work to keep their campus clean of corporate scum.

  • The City Streets

    Edmonton trio The City Streets’ third release, The Jazz Age, oozes emotion you can feel as you listen to each song.

  • Campus News Briefs

    Mabasa brings skills and talents to U of M; Wild Style headlines Freestyle IV; World tour with Justin Duff; Discovering Red River College’s new hospitality building; More funding for the Global College Network

  • Exploring our urges to play with the grotesque

    Local artist Dominique Rey’s exhibition Pilgrims is an exploration of the beautiful and the grotesque; it is a collection of portraits that will thrill you and make you cringe.

  • No longer a rookie

    The Wesmen women’s basketball team’s second-year forward, Adele Baril, is looking forward to the upcoming season.

  • The All Night

    “Oh, believe! We still have aces up our sleeves / You missed the point – delivery is key.”