No longer a rookie

Wesmen Adele Baril excited about her second year

With one year as a Wesmen under her belt, Adele Baril is ready to hit the court again this season. Cindy Titus

The Wesmen women’s basketball team’s second-year forward, Adele Baril, is looking forward to the upcoming season.

Baril graduated in 2009 from Vincent Massey Collegiate where she was a starting forward for the Massey Trojans. In that position she helped lead her team to win the AAAA Manitoba High School Association Provincial Championships in her Grade 12 season.

She joined the Wesmen last season along with her twin sister, Danielle Baril, and Oak Park graduate Alyssa Grant. 

Like many university rookie athletes, Baril found her first year challenging, but she felt it was a good experience. 

“It was obviously rough, being in my first year,” she said. “Going from being on the number one team in the province and playing all the time to not playing all the time was a big change. But, it was still awesome.”

Although she enjoyed her first year, Baril is happy to no longer be a rookie and is excited about the new rookies joining the Wesmen this year.  She believes that because they are highly motivated and willing to learn, they will be able to contribute early on. 

“Even though last year was great, I think it’s going to be refreshing to have so many young players to come in and bring new enthusiasm to the program,” she noted.

Additionally, three of the four new players were friends with Baril in high school, and were also a part of Massey’s 2009 championship team. 

Baril said that all the women have been training hard, and that September is going well for the team.

Three weeks into practicing Baril thinks the team is coming together and she looks forward to a bright season.

Published in Volume 65, Number 4 of The Uniter (September 23, 2010)

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