Volume 63, Number 24

Published March 19, 2009

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  • Organic food

    Do you eat organic food? Why or why not?

  • The New Standards - Rock and Roll

    For a cover song to be any good, a band’s got to put its own spin on it.

  • Faunts - Feel.Love.Thinking.Of

    It may not be very rock-critic of me, but all you have to do is write one good song and I’m your fan for life.

  • The Happy Unfortunate - Stand Up or Fall Down

    It’s hard to imagine a new generation of hip hop kids influenced by smooth, ‘90s-styles, but The Happy Unfortunate know how to use jazzy beats and neo-soul instrumentals behind a voice that echoes Camp Lo.

  • Chris Carmichael - Chris Carmichael

    After years of relentless behind-the-scenes support of Winnipeg’s blues and roots scene, playing alongside the likes of Big Dave MacLean, The Perpetrators, and Romi Mayes, singer/songwriter/guitarist/drummer Chris Carmichael has finally released his first solo album.

  • Haunter - Lighthouse/Great Northern 7”

    Haunter is one of the few local bands who should actually be called ‘indie rock.’

  • Push ups aren’t just for body builders

    Push ups are the ultimate body weight exercise. Push ups affect the strength of our arms, shoulders, chest and core.

  • Sports Briefs

    This is the game that never ends; Fine line crossed between victory and defeat, literally; YouTube: The new parenting tool; Founder of Tapout killed in motor accident; Now this is determination

  • More than just a playoff beard

    Is there anything better than playoff hockey?

  • Figure skating still getting an icy reception

    Sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil, and try to write out a definition of the word “sport.” It’s not all that easy, is it?

  • A tale of two teams

    Another season of Wesmen basketball has come and gone. They earned no division crowns, no conference championships and national titles, however not all was lost for our two teams.

  • Developing a community of filmmakers

    Check the listings at your local mainstream movie theatre and you’d be hard-pressed to find a female director behind any of them. The world of independent filmmaking is no different, but a new initiative by The Winnipeg Film Group aims to change that.

  • Going back to the prairies

    There’s a plethora of prairie literature in your local bookstore, but has academia done its part in terms of appreciating and interpreting that body of work? Sue Sorensen doesn’t think so.

  • Aboriginal cartoonist drew humour

    Faced with life in a wheelchair, artist Everett Soop used his sharp wit to overcome the many disadvantages in his life. Soop, who suffered from muscular dystrophy, created cartoons that combined a dark humour with his advocacy of aboriginal rights, and later, rights for the disabled.

  • Arts Briefs

    An electronic Don Juan; Oodles of doodles; R.I.P., Las Vegas art museum; Colbert to conquer space?; Chris Brown pulls out of Kids’ Choice Awards

  • The banger’s embrace

    With the release of Propagandhi’s new record, Supporting Caste, and their impending CD release concerts, I can’t help but mirror singer-guitarist Chris Hannah’s sentiment on The Banger’s Embrace, the 11th track on the new disc: “We were fucking stoked unlike we’d been since we were pimpled, pubeless teens.”

  • Youth of the nation

    Winnipeg musicians talk of forming bands because there’s nothing else to do in the city during the winter, but in Wasagamack, Manitoba, there’s really nothing to do.

  • Awesome experiments

    While finishing up their debut EP in the summer of 2008, local rock four-piece Crosstown Rivals were feeling less than confident.

  • Reasonable doubt

    A nun with nasty habits and a priest with secrets to hide – what could be more dramatic than that?

  • Somewhere Else

    Somewhere Else, the debut novel from local author Jan Guenther Braun, has been widely distributed within the genre of queer fiction. Yet, the style of the narrative seems to more aptly suit the coming-of-age tradition.

  • Snowboarding ‘lifestyle’ showcased at Falcon Ridge

    To ski or snowboard in Manitoba is no easy task. Spotting a hill has much the same effect as discovering gold, and without moving out west, hopes at big time competition can easily fade away.

  • Speaking about the Jewish experience

    Documentaries, coming-of-age stories, comedies, dramas and reinterpretations of tales from the Torah – all are part of the 2009 Winnipeg International Jewish Film Festival.

  • Stimulating the brain

    Erotica is the theme of the latest art exhibition by a mobile art gallery initiated by local artist Wanda Luna that aims to reintroduce people to art.

  • Dictating artistic merit

    Scanning the bookshelves of local head shop Kustom Kulture can be both a rewarding and shocking experience – amongst the droves of alternative comics, titles like Footlicker, House Wives at Play and Head jump out at you.

    While many are sexually explicit and wildly erotic books, others feature socially relevant depictions of fetishism, sexual frustration and loneliness.

  • U of W’s very own Batman

    A mysterious disease killing hundreds of thousands of bats in the United States has attracted the attention of Craig Willis, assistant biology professor at the University of Winnipeg. And now Willis has attracted international attention.

  • Re: “The pill – revealed”

    As one quoted in this article (Feb. 26 issue), I want to correct information provided on Fertility Awareness Methods of birth control. Inaccurate, incomplete and misleading information often dissuades women and their healthcare providers from considering FAM as an effective alternative to hormonal contraception.

  • Re: website

    As someone who reads The Uniter primarily online I wanted to congratulate you on the new website.

  • Birthdays: Bad for You, Good for the Economy

    If you’ve ever celebrated a birthday at a bar or licensed restaurant with any more than one friend, then you know that birthdays can be very hazardous to your health.

  • Where is our civic vision?

    A newfound interest in how Manitobans portray themselves to the world seems to have begun in earnest.

  • Adults can read comics, too

    Are comic books cool yet? Hyper-popular books like Watchmen sure are, but the genre is still learning.

  • Police prejudice blinds us

    There is an ongoing battle between police and regular citizens. The inquiry into Robert Dziekanski’s death shows that the battle is not based around whether or not the police are enforcing the law, but rather how they carry out their duties.

  • And we let them run the country…

    Our House of Commons is not plagued so much by our lack of messianic instruction as it is by the carpet bagging and the opportunism of our political left.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…

    From Harry Potter to Twilight, children’s literature has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. But it’s not just kids creating the craze – adults are feeding the frenzy, too.

  • University voter turnout up across country

    The University of Winnipeg’s 2009 student election boasted a fuller slate of candidates than usual, which may have contributed to a higher voter turnout.

  • Examining our waste

    Last week, several students and paid employees spent their days sifting through banana peels, crumpled paper and used tea bags for the University of Winnipeg’s annual waste audit.

  • Campus News Briefs

    Blood drive a continuous source of debate; Feds planning for the future, cutting out humanities; A higher opinion on higher learning; Facebook for your brain; Green building by 2010

  • Alcohol ban considered by student group

    The University of Winnipeg’s Aboriginal Student Council (ASC) recently took the first step in an effort to ban all alcohol-related events supported by their group.

  • Local News Briefs

    Living in the shadow of a giant; But is it a sport?; Reservation leadership enters uncertainty; No neighbour to turn to; Reserves not receiving a fair share

  • On humans as animals

    Future wives, beware: He really will always prefer his mother over you. This was the claim of two scientists at a recent University of Winnipeg lecture.

  • International News Briefs

    Trying to quit? Have an e-cigarette; Shanty shops destroyed for Pope; In tough economic times, drug lords make Forbes’ billionaires list; 450-year old painting stolen and recovered in van

  • Provincial government stalls on park designation

    The government is taking too long to give one Manitoba area provincial park status, say community members and activists.

  • The move from the West

    In the last two months, a Bargain! Shop and a Budget Rent A Car outlet have left the West End – and they are not the first ones.

  • New regulations for organic foods

    Some farmers may stop growing organic food this summer because of stricter upcoming national regulations. Others will have to fork out more money to adapt to the changes.