Stimulating the brain

Mobile art gallery’s exhibition all about erotica

“First Time” by Sara Collard. Mixed media on paper, 2008.

Erotica is the theme of the latest art exhibition by a mobile art gallery initiated by local artist Wanda Luna that aims to reintroduce people to art.

“Things move so quickly, especially with the Internet, so why not make a gallery mobile and make that travel?” Luna asked.

After successful exhibits at The Forks and The Garrick Centre, Luna’s Estudio Luna Galeria is hosting All About Erotica for one night only at Taste of Sri Lanka on Bannatyne Avenue on Saturday, Mar. 21.

She sent a call for submissions to a variety of art schools, resulting in a variety of art.

“Not all the images are going to be for everybody…not everyone finds the same thing erotic. I mean, I find cellos erotic.”

In “First Time” by Sarah Collard, two individuals meet for their first sexual encounter. The exhibit also features a painting by Collard titled “V Day,” which uses the image of robust breasts as a sign of celebration and ecstasy. Jordan Miller’s “Orgasm: Separation from Thyself,” meanwhile, portrays two lovers in the throes of passion.

Luna stressed that erotica and sex aren’t the same thing. While they’re on the same page, she defined eroticism as a state of mind rather than a physical act.

“Sex is about the physical side, eroticism is all the stuff before that,” she said. “The brain is the largest sex organ. That’s where it all begins, it’s all about stimulating the brain, and that’s what I’m hoping to do with this show.”

Luna started Estudio Luna Galeria two years ago as a result of her desire to show art to people who might not go to a traditional art show. She donates her profits to the artists.

Last October she hosted The Death Show, a death-themed art exhibit, at The Garrick Centre. The show featured 40 artists, a performance by death metal band Damascus and drew a crowd of 300.

Her next show will be her biggest yet, though, as it will be held at The Millennium Library. There will be music and art on all four floors.

“The Millennium wants to send a message that libraries are not what they used to be and I want to send a message that art isn’t what it used to be either,” Luna said. “We haven’t set the date or the name yet, but we are going to need about 100 artists and performers for that event.”

Published in Volume 63, Number 24 of The Uniter (March 19, 2009)

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