Haunter - Lighthouse/Great Northern 7”

Haunter is one of the few local bands who should actually be called ‘indie rock.’ They don’t play that slick, produced, disco-beat-driven trend-rock you hear pouring out of American Apparel, they play music that sounds like indie rock used to sound like: edgy and blown-out, with a dash of experimentalism. The two tracks on this 7”, Lighthouse/Great Northern and Sugar Melting, are seemingly simple songs, but Haunter do a good job of adorning them with catchy vocal melodies and guitars that go from chiming clarity to snarling, discordant squall at the drop of a hat. Fans of Sonic Youth should definitely check this out. My one complaint: it isn’t loud enough. I bet these guys kill live. Find out for yourself when they release the 7” tomorrow (Friday, Mar. 20) at The Royal Albert.

Sugar Melting by Haunter

Published in Volume 63, Number 24 of The Uniter (March 19, 2009)

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