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  • The PROFile - Hans Werner

    Although Dr. Hans Werner never practiced as an engineer, he still wears the iron ring he received upon completing an engineering degree at University of Manitoba.

  • Diamond development

    U of W physicist develops diamond-based particle detector

  • The PROFile

    Glen Bergeron - Acting Dean, Gupta Faculty of Kinesiology and Applied Health

  • The Profile

    Jonathan Ball - Instructor, Department of English

  • Streeter

    "The Bay downtown just announced they are closing the fourth floor – what should go in its place?"

  • Streeter

    Nov 12, 2015 … Streeter. "What is the worst Christmas gift you have ever received?"

  • Balls to the wall

    Winnipeg dodgeball is taking a leap to the next level

  • The PROFile

    The PROFile - Beverley Fehr