“The Bay downtown just announced they are closing the fourth floor – what should go in its place?”

  • Marika, Studying: Biology

    “An art centre for kids, like the one by the WAG, but bigger.”

  • Andres, Studying: Biochemistry

    “A restaurant or a café would be cool. Or a market, like a farmer’s market.”

  • Margaret, Studying: Business

    “There used to be a restaurant (at The Bay), Paddlewheel Restaurant, and then that closed down. I’m sad because I liked the restaurant, so I would like another restaurant.”

  • Maggie, Studying: Biology

    “Something community oriented, like a youth drop-in centre.”

  • Maye, Studying: Biology

    “Something fun like a bowling alley or laser tag.”

  • Dhruv, Studying: Athletic Therapy

    “A place where you can just go hang out, like a pool (hall), a bowling alley, or an arcade. Somewhere where you can just go and hang out with your friends on the weekend.”

Published in Volume 70, Number 16 of The Uniter (January 21, 2016)

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