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  • Extreme music and social responsibility

    Two months before the 2011 Arsonfest, festival organizer, metal promoter and musician Mike Alexander is looking back at how it all began 11 years ago.

  • Dancing on the knife’s edge

    Canadians have long had a love affair with rock ‘n’ roll cinema, and no one has done it better than Bruce MacDonald.

  • El gigante Mexicano: Desperado serves up sombrero-sized Mexican food

    Mmmmmmexican food. After living and working in the Southern States, exposure to great authentic Mexican cuisine has been hard to come by, especially in this city.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Japandroids: Capitalizing on Pitchfork’s praise

    Dave Prowse, drummer and vocalist for Vancouver duo Japandroids, answers the phone from his tour van.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Studying the meaning behind hip hop’s rhymes

    This is a man’s world, this is a man’s world – James Brown
    The Hardest Working Man in Show Business wrote this in 1966, long before hip hop was on the scene.

  • The summer music round up

    The summer music round up

  • The April music round up

    This spring is going to rock your socks off.

  • EVIL SURVIVES - Powerkiller

    It goes without saying that this band has a healthy obsession with all things Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

  • Mama’s got a brand new bag

    In ’50s fiction, the idea of UFO movement was unnatural to pilots and scientists of the day because of their proposed ability to stop on a dime and make 90 degree turns: sharp angles taken at high speeds with no regards to Newton’s first law of motion.

  • EVERY TIME I DIE - New Junk Aesthetic

    For my dollar, there is no other metalcore band really worth listening to.


    When McGill graduate Christine Jensen’s compositions on her sister Ingrid’s record Vernal Fields won the Best Mainstream Jazz Juno in 1995, it was clear that Christine was not satisfied to sit second chair to her world-recognized sister.

  • Unpretentious, unfiltered and goofy

    When the news came that one half of the instrumental math tech-funk quartet Red Blanket had released a rap record, many fans may have been a little wary.

  • MAGNUM K.I. - Magnum K.I.

    Magnum K.I. picks up where their 2008 Gunshy release left off: cultivating a West Indie vibe with subtle jazz touches over molasses-thick beats.

  • STORY OF THE YEAR - The Constant

    Epitaph was always a label that you could count on for great punk rock of all styles and flavours.

  • Blues-tainted hip-hop artist is bringing Magic

    When Vancouver blues hip-hop poet extraordinaire C.R. Avery got down to talking with The Uniter, it may have seemed like a less than ideal time. Avery, on his way to record for CBC’s Canada Live, was sitting in his recently stalled car awaiting the next ferry to take him to mainland B.C.

  • CHRIS PAGE - A date with a smoke machine

    The Stand GT, of Glengarry, Ont., was a favourite in the punk circles of the early to mid ‘90s here in the city.

  • CFCF - Continent

    This didn’t grab me on first listen, but digging deeper I see the light.

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