Joe Kornelsen

  • Homeless warming up in Winnipeg’s skywalks

    With winter weather taking its toll, Winnipeg’s skywalks can be a place for people on the streets to warm up. But concerns over panhandling have security patrols cracking down on skywalk living.

  • The homeless in public spaces

    What do you think about homeless people using public spaces to keep warm?

  • Friendly (and generous) Manitoba

    Manitobans can, once again, pride themselves on being the most generous province in the country.  Manitobans have come on top in every report on Canadian charity done by the Fraser Institute, a right-wing think tank, since 1996.

  • The importance of charity

    What do you give as charity? Do you think that charity is useful or important?

  • My education is basically free?

    You may not know it looking at your university bill, but a new report suggests Manitobans pay effectively nothing to go to university in the province.

  • In search of the black gold

    Oil exploration doesn’t have to end in Saskatchewan; Manitoba has oil too, and the government is looking to encourage industry development. But environmentalists question whether Manitoba has the proper oversight to prevent serious environmental damage.

  • Struggling to stay afloat in Canada

    Years of declining profits and the economic slowdown has lead Winnipeg’s manufacturing sector to shut the doors on many jobs.

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