The importance of charity

  • Ksenia Broda-Milian, 1st year science major

    I volunteer; I was involved in a philanthropy committee in high school. Having come from a place where my needs are met I think it’s important for me to help people who need it.

  • Amy Ogidan

    I give used stuff like clothes and books. I don’t give money cause I don’t have much right now. I think charity is useful but I try to give to people that I know personally who can use the stuff.

  • Amy Letham, 5th year education student

    I give clothes, like winter gear that’s not being used. I think it’s important because there are people that need help: people like refugees who don’t have the clothes for the weather.

  • Doug Boulton, self-employed

    Charity is charity. In some ways it is good. Sometimes people use it for a tax credit. It’s good as long as it goes to the right people.

  • Richard Ledda, 1st year science student

    My family gives old coats and money. Charity gives us an opportunity to provide directly to people.

  • Mona Beardy, unemployed

    I give clothing and food. A lot of kids use the food banks. It’s very useful; in some cases families really do need that stuff.

Published in Volume 63, Number 17 of The Uniter (January 22, 2009)

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