Catherine van Reenen

  • Playing a role for the customer

    Have you ever snapped your fingers at a waitress? Ever ordered something that wasn’t on the menu? Have you ever neglected to leave a tip?

  • Winnipeg’s one-hit wonders

    Neil Young, The Weakerthans and The Guess Who are just a few of Winnipeg’s successful musical talents – so maybe that’s why Winnipeggers are so often convinced that they’ve birthed the next big musical act.

  • Grassroots growing

    How can you not love an event with drum circles?

  • “Sorry my life is so much more bitchin’ than yours. I planned it that way.”

    Though the Charlie Sheen glaze has faded from everyone’s eyes (well, Sheen’s still look a little glazed), a question still lingers: why do we as a society let certain celebrities get away with being crazy, and even encourage it, while we condemn other ones for the same behaviour?

  • Make it good and they will come

    A few years ago, Winnipeg composers Heidi Ugrin and Luke Nickel were talking with some friends about how Winnipeg doesn’t have very many new music groups, at which point they turned to each other and simultaneously had an epiphany: “We should start our own festival!”

  • A St. Patrick’s Day miracle

    The conversation with Winnipeg Celtic rock band Banshee’s Wail wandered as far off topic as their band members have traveled over the last few years.

  • Incredibly creative and unique

    The trend to buy local need not only apply to coffee and vegetables.

  • Sexy female hairstylists and sexy lingerie-inspired attire

    The Scandalous Barber, located at 1174A Pembina Hwy, is a hair salon catering specifically to the male population.

  • Exploring cinematography at the expense of character depth

    Within the first seven minutes of French director Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void, it becomes obvious that to enjoy this film, you probably need to be high.

  • The lady and the tramp

    You can find a picture of Pamela Anderson doing pretty much anything.

  • Take a look, it’s in a book…

    I Love to Read Month is over now, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop turning the pages.

  • Documentary explores prewar anti-Semitism in Manitoba

    Winnipeg filmmaker and director Andrew Wall’s documentary The Paper Nazis investigates the fascist skeletons in Winnipeg’s closet and exposes the role that Winnipeg newspapers played in perpetuating anti-Semitic propaganda prior to the Second World War.

  • Going back to tradition

    The local butcher shop used to be a routine stop for most families in past decades, but has gradually been losing competition to the convenience of a one-stop-shop supermarket.

  • Cantor Dust

    I’m 85 per cent sure that Cantor Dust, an experimental rock band consisting solely of Mark Klassen, is strangely awesome.

  • Boxer versus poet

    Surprise fellow bookworms: you can learn from physical activity, too.

  • Scouring the TED waste bin

    With the TEDxManitoba event coming up on Feb. 15, there are a lot of powerful ideas waiting to be unleashed into the intellectual culture of Winnipeg.

  • Rampant sex and hermaphroditic priests

    Amygdala is the second exhibition of a 10-year project, in which transdisciplinary artist and cultural engineer Michael Dudeck invents an entire cosmos.

  • Strange and wacky, yet totally functional

    Beards are the sexiest and warmest type of facial hair for the winter season.

  • Education documentary heartbreaking, personal

    How would you feel if your entire future depended on a random lottery?

  • ‘We don’t have to go all the way, we’ll just lie here and hold each other’

    Every couple goes through a series of unavoidable stages, some of those emotional, the more interesting and hilarious ones, physical. Which sexual stage is your relationship in?

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