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  • East meets west in pro-biking seminar

    As a bike courier, Kat Hindmarsh knows Winnipeg’s infamous bike culture better than most.

  • Grand Chief responds to protests over search for Nepinak remains

    The search for Tanya Nepinak’s remains has been suspended for more than a month, but public debate over the issue continues to rage on both sides.

  • Science complex receives accessibility award

    The Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex has received official praise from the city for its universal incorporation of accessible design.

  • University project revisits Gordon Bell field acquisition saga

    It began with one impassioned voice and grew into a student movement that is seeing sod replace concrete at the corner of Broadway and Portage.

  • Local ‘carsharing’ co-op nominated for national award

    To some, the idea of sharing four cars between 120 people might sound like a special kind of hell.

  • Concerns remain about the safety of energy drinks - especially with alcohol

    In the wake of five reported deaths associated with the beverage Monster, critics are calling for tougher regulations on energy drinks in Manitoba.

  • Education student sues university, high school administration for defamation, conspiracy

    The former host of yesteryear’s quirky local community access TV show “Math with Marty” has stepped back into the local public’s eye once more - albeit this time bearing legal papers in favor of his usual chalk-drawn equations.

  • Impending downtown grocery store closures leave ‘food desert’ in their wake

    As two of downtown’s full-sized grocery stores prepare to close their doors in the coming months, some area residents are beginning to consider the effects living in a “food desert” might have on their stomachs and their wallets.

  • Rooster Town: the Winnipeg community that nobody remembers

    Believe it or not, the Grant Park area of Winnipeg wasn’t always a mecca for moderately priced restaurant chains, jaywalking teenagers and convenient parking.

  • Spectator Tribune launches online amid reports of Uptown layoffs

    As another wave of job cuts strike Winnipeg’s print media landscape - this time hitting the Winnipeg Free Press-owned Uptown Magazine - one local entrepreneur has his sights set on the virtual gap being left behind.

  • Conservative cuts to environmental research

    Given the recent funding cut to the Environmental Lakes Area, what do you think of Conservative cuts to environmental research?

  • University of Winnipeg employee arrested

    When he came to Canada to study, Adnan Farooq never imagined a bureaucratic snafu would lead to him being handcuffed, strip-searched and subsequently detained for more than two days in jail, sharing a cell with a man who told him he had “butchered” a person with a machete.

  • Osborne House idles in funding limbo

    A local emergency shelter for women and children escaping domestic abuse sits in limbo as it awaits the results of a provincial review that could determine the future of its funding.

  • TV trauma

    Even though they make headlines pretty regularly these days, outcries of enraged parents rallying against the graphic depictions of wanton violence present in today’s video games - or the blatant promotion of female objectification in some popular music - are hardly enough to faze this jaded, broken husk of a man.

  • Development on Donald Street

    While it’s virtually impossible to miss the massive CentrePoint construction project currently in the works at the corner of Donald Street and Portage Avenue, Winnipeggers may be unaware just how many other changes are also taking place down the street.

  • All walks of life, for life

    It’s been 20 years since Ken Mumford was diagnosed with HIV, but Sept. 23 was the first time he found himself among hundreds as part of the 2012 AIDS Walk for Life downtown.

  • Walking the Red Road

    Léo sits across from me, his paintbrush casually swirling reds and yellows as he describes his history with the lodge - the place he’s called home for the past 18 months.

  • Fact into fiction, fiction to fact

    How much can we learn about the historical character of Winnipeg through its literature?

  • Is popular literature destroying our culture in unprecedented ways, or have we seen it all before?

    On the shelves of grocery stores, gas stations and airport newsstands, amid the nearby copies of Cosmopolitan, they find their homes.

  • Why do you think there are virtually no openly gay athletes in professional sports?

    Why do you think there are virtually no openly gay athletes in professional sports?

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