Conservative cuts to environmental research

  • Jared Williampache, first-year student, economics

    In general, anything to do with cuts to public funding I’m opposed to. I suppose the problem (with securing funding for environmental research) is that you don’t see immediate economic feedback.

  • Vinay Iyer, owner, Casa Burrito

    I think the environment is the least of (the Conservative party’s) priorities. In terms of a dollar amount, the cut is so small in comparison to other government spending. It sends a bad message to the community about their values.

  • Thomas Aitken, first-year student, science

    It’s incredibly hypocritical to be funding clean-up, etc. for Lake Winnipeg when so much of the research (regarding lake ecosystems) comes from the ELA. Environmental research should be of paramount importance.

  • Haley Y., .

    Bullshit! What do we have left if we don’t have lakes?!

Published in Volume 67, Number 7 of The Uniter (October 17, 2012)

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