Bunny Ben Wa


  • The Toy Basket: Tied Up, But Not Twisted

    Well, kittens. I had to address it at some point. Your Aunt Bunny gets asked a lot of questions about a certain best selling novel, and I’m not talking about the bible.

  • The Toy Basket: More bang for your buck

    A lot of people say to me “Bunny, why would I pay upwards of $100 on a sex toy? I mean, it’s just going on/in my dirty bits anyway.” 

  • The Toy Basket with Bunny Ben Wa

    It’s like I always say, a happy penis makes for a happy mind, which gets us all one step closer to world peace. Why doesn’t Miss America ever talk about male masturbatory sleeves? They’re fabulous, available in a variety of textures and price points, and hey, they make you ejaculate. Isn’t life fun?

  • The Toy Basket: In through the out door

    Hi kittens, Bunny Ben Wa here. This month I’m going to take a running leap into an activity that you should never take a running leap into.

  • The Toy Basket: Put a ring on it!

    Hi cuties, I hope my last column was as good for you as it was for me. Last time, I gave a brief shout out to my favourite beginner toy, the vibrating cock ring.

  • I’ll be gentle

    There’s this pretty lame idea floating around out there that sex toys are only for people who can’t get “the real thing.” Well, I’m here to tell you that just isn’t true.