Arlen Kasdorf

  • Sponsorship of federal drug bill might not help Africa

    A Feb. 2 vote in the Canadian House of Commons saw the passing of sponsorship for controversial Bill C-393, which would give developing countries better access to Canadian generic drugs.

  • War resister continues fight to stay in Canada

    An organization made up of friends and family of U.S. war resisters seeking refugee status in Canada presented a letter to Provencher MP and federal minister Vic Toews on Jan. 19, requesting a meeting to discuss his opinion of deporting U.S. war resisters from Canada back to the United States.

  • Multiple sex partners create freedom and challenges

    Some Winnipeggers have found sexual freedom through polyamorism – consensual non-monogamy – but they understand communication and societal pressure are obstacles along the way.

  • PIs and security guards find freedom in licensing

    Licensing changes in the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act of Manitoba, effective immediately, have caused mixed feelings in the security and investigation community.

  • Discrimination against mental illness on the rise

    Discrimination against persons with mental disabilities has the Manitoba Human Rights Commission concerned. A drastic rise in complaints over the last three years has left those involved to believe that the general public has been undereducated in regards to mental health.


    Long Story Short is Winnipeg native Len Bowen’s solo debut, full of comfortable beats and micro-dramas of his hip-hop journey.

  • British activist once barred from Canada comes to Winnipeg

    Labelling George Galloway a terrorist sympathizer and attempting to ban him from entering the country isn’t stopping the Conservative Party of Canada from allowing the controversial former British MP to speak in Winnipeg.

  • Ma-Me-O

    This album has a definite retro feel with its smooth vocal harmonies and twangy blues rhythm.

  • Scrambling to stay alive

    A small gallery in the suburbs of Winnipeg has gathered artists, both local and from around the world, to bring awareness to the issue that every human being has the right to food.

  • HAM is too sexy to talk about

    Homosexuality, abortion and masturbation (HAM) have been hot topics of discussion in the River East Transcona School Division (RETSD) as of late – but not inside the classroom.

  • Technology and innovation at the heart of TEDx Manitoba

    One hundred lucky Manitobans are about to be given the chance to make big changes at a local level by meeting some of the world’s most innovative minds.


    A 13-year veteran in the hip-hop scene, Timbuktu makes his solo debut charging his dubious style with punchy beats.

  • Learn a little, love a lot

    With mainstream religions dominating news coverage, smaller religions and spiritual teachings are often left with little to no voice to explain their views in today’s society.

  • Religious Holidays or A Generalized Winter Holiday?

    Do you think the city of Winnipeg should celebrate the religious holidays or a generalized winter holiday season?

  • Government plans for animal disease outbreak

    Animal disease outbreaks are happening all over the world and leading to negative consequences for our food supply. In response, the Canadian government is taking action by implementing a national traceability program for all livestock.

  • Twitter gives rise to local flash fiction

    If you think your tweets are worthy of literary acclaim, a group of local students are running a contest for you.

  • Monthly campaigns from the serious to the ridiculous

    October is Vegetarian Awareness Month, Canadian Library Month, Islamic History Month, Autism Awareness Month and Car Safety Month, just to name a few. With so many awareness campaigns, it’s often tough to tell which are legitimate charitable causes and which aren’t.