A 13-year veteran in the hip-hop scene, Timbuktu makes his solo debut charging his dubious style with punchy beats. Hailing from London, Ont., and a member of the Canadian mic-bending posse Toolshed, this lyrical craftsman has a freewheeling form that is comical at times but still makes you turn up the stereo. The album begins with Radio Ready making you want to drive slow, bob your head to the thumping bass and hope some fly girls appear and start gyrating. Grown Man’s Dinner is more playful and dance-ready, and is a must-play at the next party to keep everyone dancing. Timbuktu also joins forces with other rappers on a handful of tracks giving the album more depth and versatility. These collaborations produced songs like Nightlife, which is more edgy and charged with fast-paced rhymes. All in all, a great album for a solo debut.

Published in Volume 65, Number 11 of The Uniter (November 11, 2010)

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