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  • Beyond downtown

    We here at The Uniter’s Arts & Culture section spend the better part of the year focusing on artists and the events that happen in the downtown area. From shows at the Lo Pub to exhibitions on the University of Winnipeg campus, there is a lot going on right here.
    But where does this art and culture come from? Since nobody was born cool in the basement of the Royal Albert, we decided to find out what kind of great art was being made and what trends were happening all around Winnipeg.

  • Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway

    There’s no shortage of fantastic entertainment in Winnipeg between April and September, but for those that feel the need for a change of scenery, few forms of adventure rival the road trip.

  • Crushed by the weight of the world

    Procrastination pervades our lives. It affects our everyday plans with our friends as well as our most crucial, life-changing decisions, often harmlessly, but sometimes with devastating results. This invisible force threatens the very survival of our species and many others besides, but it continues still.

  • Trolls: Not just under bridges anymore

    If you want to experience some of the worst specimens that humanity has to offer, go to almost any YouTube video and scroll down to the comments. In fact, go to any news, blog or video website that allows anonymous feedback and you’ll find them, prowling around like hungry lions.

  • The dangerous world of debt

    Think about how much of the money you spend every day is your own.

  • Filtered city

    Listen up, Instagram followers. If you’ve lost all hope that this smartphone-based photo sharing app will ever be good for anything besides showing you pictures of drunk people at Jets games, your pessimism is well-founded.

  • Party like it’s prohibition

    If you’ve ever spoken to someone from Europe, or even from Quebec, you’re probably aware that Manitobans pay a relatively huge amount of money for the same brands of beer and wine.

  • I “liked” it on Facebook, what else do you want from me?

    The federal government is looking to cut costs and tighten the national belt.

  • Prepare to meet your Dhoom!

    St.Dhoom is the latest restaurant to rise from the ashes of a failed predecessor. It replaces an abandoned Pizza Hut on the corner of York and Donald in the city’s core, filling the surrounding streets with tantalizing aromas.

  • The Uniter presents: Team Apocalypse

    When the vast army of people that make our modern lives livable - from grocery store clerks to doctors to Manitoba Hydro employees - not only cease to do their jobs, but also join the minions of the walking undead, wanting nothing but to devour your flesh, that computer science degree on your wall will begin to look even more inadequate than usual.

  • The elephant that will never leave the room

    At this point, promoting safe sex and warning of the dangers of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) may seem like flogging a dead horse. Kids should know this stuff by now, right?

  • Be yourself, but be cautious

    Spring is fast approaching, and in the student world that means mostly one thing: a mad dash to scoop up the most fun and lucrative summer jobs before everyone else.

  • Re-imagined Osborne Village restaurant back in business

    After sitting annoyingly closed for nearly four years, an Osborne Village institution has re-emerged with a new way of doing things.

  • Nostalgia for sale

    It’s a busy Sunday afternoon at Mulvey Market. Dozens of people walk slowly through the aisles between the wood stalls that fill the old warehouse, pausing occasionally to pick up a trinket that catches their eye.

  • Friends with benefits

    More than 128 million people have watched “The Sneezing Baby Panda” on YouTube since it was uploaded five years ago, and that’s not counting the millions of additional views for spin-offs and remixes.

  • The death of television: impossible or inevitable?

    The way you watch television may be about to change. That is, if it hasn’t already.

  • A great destination for a nice meal

    Only minutes from the University of Winnipeg, the Ellice Cafe and Theatre combines a warm, unpretentious atmosphere with a good selection of home-style dishes that will take your mind off even the coldest Winnipeg day.

  • So you want to be an artist?

    It’s difficult at times to see popular or successful artists as everyday people. It’s difficult to imagine the intervening stages between just another person on the street and a successful musician or a gallery-showing photographer or inspiring actor.

  • Something on the line

    Randy Walker loves to gamble. By his own admission, he’ll bet on anything that moves - it keeps things interesting.

  • English Students Association resurrected at the U of W

    Trying to balance a university workload with the other parts of a student’s life can be difficult at the best of times. Since the last batch of students involved in the English Students Association (ESA) graduated a few years ago, no one else has had time to keep it going.

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