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  • Why frosty late-January should soon equate to Big Fun

    Winnipeggers are experts at cramming many festivals into a relatively short summer. From Jazz Fest and the Fringe Festival to Folklorama and the Winnipeg Folk Fest, there is no shortage of multi-artist entertainment between May and September.

  • Young love and death in Jerusalem

    When telling an old story that nearly everyone knows by heart, it’s normal to want to give it a new spin.

  • The power of the ‘stache

    You’ve probably seen them around. They’ve colonized your boyfriends’, your brothers’ and your fathers’ faces. They’re ridiculous and they’re for a good cause. They’re moustaches, and pretty soon they’ll all be gone.

  • Breaking the buzz

    Since the release of Toronto-based trio Austra’s debut record, Feel It Break, back in May, the band has been lauded by the likes of NME and Pitchfork, and has been shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize.

  • What’s in a sign?

    Driving down most commercially zoned city streets is like reading the phonebook.

  • Trying to find those good vibrations

    Basements, garages and lofts. These are the places where most people store old magazines, park their cars and hide all variety of contraband. These rooms exist on the periphery of your house and your consciousness, but it is in these places that a good deal of musical creation and production occurs.

  • Photographer for the people

    It all started with a child’s fascination. In 1986, on a family trip to Montana and with a camera in hand, 12-year-old Leif Norman wanted to photograph a cactus.

  • A true must-see art show

    There is abstract art and there is art that lies somewhere between the abstract and the recognizable.

  • Downtown DIY arts venue celebrates five years

    Drek Daa is a spoken word and poetry champion, a Fringe Festival performer, a private practice psychotherapist and former CBC commentator. It hardly seems like he has time to also host an acclaimed musical venue out of his house.

  • These buns are sticky, baby

    You’ve probably seen the signs for Jonnies Sticky Buns around town. They’re stapled to telephone poles and say cheeky things about buns and where this shop wants to put them.

  • How to ride a bike

    Let’s be honest. The actual first step of riding a bike is getting someone to run after you holding onto your seat yelling, “Pedal! Pedal!” while you cry in terror and then bail face first onto the merciless and already-blood-stained asphalt.

  • Beers, bikes and buddies: The Fort Garry Bike Club combines fun, fitness and friends

    Ten years ago, Chris Huebner would have scoffed at anyone who suggested that he and his pick-up hockey friends would be the founders of a popular bike club.

  • ‘Rolling Oyster Revue’ not just a name

    The best way to think about Paper Lions’ Rolling Oyster Revue tour is as a recipe: it’s going to be one half delicious, thoughtful pop music and one half delicious oysters.

  • The right space can make or break your creative vision

    It may not be as profound as inspiration or as complex as technique, but the place and the space where art happens play an important role in the creative process.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • These ladies want to see you (almost) naked

    Lizette Barbour and Carol Swaitkewich, owners and operators of Coco Boudoir Photography, found that their separate child and family photography studios had a lot of women coming through as mothers, sisters and daughters.

  • Strapped for cash but oozing style

    What promotes local artists from all genres while also showcasing spectacular local venues and broadcasting it all on local television?

  • The problem solvers extraordinaire

    When a company’s well-priced and well-made market-relevant product fails to find sway with consumers, it’s time for that company to call in the big guns.

  • When music is not for music’s sake

    Steven Webb enjoys watching movies and playing video games as much as the next person, but while these activities are mere entertainment for most people, every game Webb plays and every film he watches also counts as a sort of research.

  • Made in Manitoba

    Think of your favourite local musicians. The odds are that at some point, many of them have taken advantage of provincial grants to make their music. For some, it may have even been the only way they could do it.

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