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  • Where grandiose meets outsider, there lives Ex Modern Teen

    Trying to give some meaningful description of Ex Modern Teen is a treacherous and long-winded endeavour. Basically you need to know this: it’s not like any band you’ve seen before

  • Maddin on loop is not for the faint of heart

    Anyone who has ever seen anything by local film hero Guy Maddin knows two things. First, his work leans strongly toward the creepy. Second, it could never be confused with anyone else’s work. Maddin’s latest project is no exception.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Book Review: Irma Voth

    The latest novel from Manitoba-born author Miriam Toews is at once a departure from previous works and a continuation of the themes and the voices that readers have come to expect.

  • Mainstream media’s last stronghold exposed

    The widespread downsizing and bankruptcies among mainstream (and especially print) media over the last few years has remained at the fringe of most people’s consciousness. Page One: Inside The New York Times gives the troubled newspaper a variety of human faces and a clear, if sometimes contradictory, voice.

  • Fan appreciation? Try fan consultation

    After nearly 10 years in the business, three studio albums and a slew of production and collaboration credits, Toronto singer-songwriter Royal Wood is glad to have the respect of his fans and the industry – but don’t even mention slowing down

  • Art MacIntyre’s modern family

    It’s amazing what can happen when the right situation meets the right attitude by accident.

  • Folk Thief

    “Living isn’t living if you’re killing time, it’s dying.”

  • The Skeletones Four

    Far from living up to its name, this Guelph-based band produces a lush and living sound. The songs are wonderfully arranged, too.

  • Burnt Witch Survivors Group

    This six-song EP from Winnipeg band Burnt Witch Survivors Group isn’t as simple to categorize or describe as an initial listen might suggest.

  • Kayla Luky

    Kayla Luky presents a collection of well-crafted songs that prove she’s a mature artist, but to pretend this record is about anything but her massive voice is a big mistake.

  • Combining many festivals gets you one big Manyfest

    While it may seem like the third new festival in as many years to happen on Broadway in early September, Manyfest is really just a new name for what has recently been known as Lights on Broadway and 5 Events One Weekend.

  • The end of Aqua Books

    Last month’s news that downtown bookstore Aqua Books and attached restaurant EAT! Bistro will be closing this fall hit a nerve with many in Winnipeg.

  • Down at the Park with friends of mine

    Although the building itself has been standing on Osborne for nearly 100 years, the Park Theatre’s current format celebrates its sixth year in existence this month. Before that, it would have taken a special eye to see what the old and abandoned building could become.

  • The cemetery that gave life

    In the middle of modern Berlin lies the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe. But beyond holding the remains of more than 115,000 Jews, Weissensee cemetery provides the ideal setting for tales of romance, intrigue, loss and resistance.

  • Art and infrastructure unite

    The congested traffic and unsightly barricades will last for two years, but in the end, Osborne Street will have more than just a rehabilitated bridge.

  • Ten days and nights of jazz set to get the downtown swinging

    Winnipeg’s music festival season will start with a bang later this month as the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival welcomes a star-studded lineup of artists to join with local talent.

  • International News Briefs

    Messenger arrives successfully; Charles Taylor war crimes trial ends; Chavez halts nuclear plans; West Bank settlement a political message; Airbus, Air France investigated

  • Mae Moore

    Despite the seeming ease of categorizing a record that declares its genre in its title, Mae Moore’s Folklore is anything but straightforward folk music.

  • Giant Hand

    “I’ll keep on playing music for as long as I can sing, ‘cause when I’m old and wrong no one will remember me.” These words from the song Bones Are My Home reveal the endearingly honest motive behind a haunting collection of songs.

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