Splish, splash, they’re making you thrash

Winnipeg surf rockers The Thrashers are serious about having fun

  • Beach party! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s The Thrashers. – The Thrashers

This year has been pretty decent for The Thrashers.

They recorded the theme song to the upcoming web series Brad Even Paler and released their critically acclaimed debut LP, Make a Splash, through local imprint Transistor 66.

Jesse Bercier (24, guitar/vocals), Sean G (24, drums) and Iaian Loeppky (23, bass/vocals) have definitely carved a niche for themselves as possibly the most energetic live band in the city.

The Uniter sat down with the boys at The Toad for a few beers to discuss the past year.

The Uniter: How do you take music seriously without playing serious music?

Bercier:  I’ve said right from the get-go that the minute this starts being not fun, that’s when I don’t want to be a part of it - but we still take it very seriously. We still write the songs and practice, it isn’t just some side thing like playing Nintendo that I’ll do when I’m bored.

Loeppky: It’s safe to say we’re serious about having fun.

Let’s talk about the experience you had in the studio with Make a Splash.

Bercier: It was just having fun in front of microphones.

Loeppky: We booked five days at Platinum Gold Studios on Selkirk - they do a lot of (aboriginal) recording and polka music. The engineer was Shane Ward, a really cool guy. We booked a week with him and did the first three days and everything came together really quickly, so we decided to kind of take a day off and listen to it and come back on Friday and touch it up.

So this was about a year ago. When did Transistor 66 come into the picture?

Loeppky: In February, Art (MacIntyre, the label’s owner) propositioned us. They’re really looking for bands that are self-sufficient. They’re not looking to take over a band and bring them to the top, they’re looking for bands that want to do that themselves.

Do you guys have any “first week of school” stories?

Sean G: I went to (the University of Manitoba), but I just showed up when I had to. I did get freshied in high school with my own skateboard, actually! So that was fun.

Loeppky: I was at (the University of Winnipeg), but that didn’t last. I think I talked to, like, one person.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Loeppky: Buy our record or buy records in general. I download stuff, too, and it’s a great way to get into new stuff, but I’m an avid collector. This is music (holds up a stack of freshly purchased LPs) - you’ve got to actually hold on to it. It just creates such a good emotional connection to what you’re listening to. I could probably go through my CD or record collection and tell you when and where I bought all the stuff
I have. There’s a story attached to each one. It helps you stay close to the art.

Published in Volume 66, Number 1 of The Uniter (September 2, 2011)

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