Volume 66, Number 1

Published September 2, 2011

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  • A wide range of media

    The Rural and Northern Art Show is heading into its ninth year, and this year’s show, taking place at the Pavilion Gallery Museum at Assiniboine Park, is poised to be the biggest and best thus far.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • School’s out!

    Even though Mise en Scene will be rocking Orientation Week at the University of Winnipeg, the local duo, made up of Stefanie Johnson and Jodie Dunlop, are taking a year off from educational pursuits in favour of touring, recording and being accepted into a prestigious artist residency in Banff.

  • The cemetery that gave life

    In the middle of modern Berlin lies the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe. But beyond holding the remains of more than 115,000 Jews, Weissensee cemetery provides the ideal setting for tales of romance, intrigue, loss and resistance.

  • Splish, splash, they’re making you thrash

    The Uniter sat down with The Thrashers at The Toad for a few beers to discuss the past year.

  • The evolution of Orientation Week

    I don’t remember much from my Orientation Week at U of W; my first day of school was September 10, 2001, so things got a little heavy on day two.

  • Lack of think tanks mind-boggling

    Manitoba is often criticized by analysts for its lack of innovative economic policy.

  • Tragedy told untruthfully

    With the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks only days away, people in America, Canada and most of the western world are being treated to a barrage of messages about this momentous occasion.

  • The great importance of a small business

    A friend of mine is opening a coffee bar on Main Street in the Exchange District.

  • Now that’s good brew

    When it comes to their choices of beer, drinkers are as loyal to the brands they drink as to the sports teams they support.

  • The incumbency factor

    As Manitoba’s provincial election campaign gets underway, the retirement of 12 veteran MLAs may incite a conceivably closer election.

  • Flood evacuee kids face homework, but no home

    While Manitoba’s summer deluge of flood news has slowed to a trickle, little has changed for the 1,300 evacuees still waiting to go home.

  • The great chiropractic debate

    In 2007, Edmonton resident Sandra Nette received a neck adjustment from a chiropractor that would leave her paralyzed from the neck down.

  • Local businessman joins student housing development market

    The opening of McFeetor’s Hall in 2009 signified a new era in student housing for the University of Winnipeg. No longer an anomaly, the idea of students living downtown or on campus now has a strong core cemented in the $18 million project.

  • U of W’s athletics program continues to grow

    In 2010, the University of Winnipeg added men’s and women’s soccer teams, as well as college basketball teams to the Wesmen athletic program.

  • This Hisses

    One of the most talked about local bands this year has undeniably been This Hisses, and the debut LP (or is it an EP? At eight hearty songs, we’ll call it a full length) Surf Noir does not disappoint.

  • Greg MacPherson

    GMac’s latest (and first for his Disintegration Records label) ranks up there with his best work to date.

  • Samantha Savage Smith

    Produced by Lorrie Matheson (Rebels United), Calgary’s Samantha Savage Smith has unveiled a striking debut in Tough Cookie.

  • The Pack A.D.

    Produced by Jim Diamond (Dirtbombs), the fourth disc from this Vancouver two-piece guitar and drums demolishing duo kicks off hard with Sirens and never lets go throughout the 13 tracks.

  • Box of Wolves

    This three-track chill-wave offering is the first official release from The Venom Blog’s Gabriel Akinrinmade.