Ancient Shapes - Self-titled

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Ancient Shapes’ debut record starts fast and ends faster. This quick-paced album throws the listener straight into the band’s hands, giving barely enough time for a breather.

With little to no time between songs, Ancient Shapes creates an exciting experience that draws you in and keeps you captivated for the full 15-odd minutes of pounding drums and raging riffs. S/T rocks like a standard punk record but has a sort of classic feel to it, a similar sound to the likes of the US band White Reaper.

Ancient Shapes builds momentum throughout the track list, and with their catchy hooks and flying riffs, it’s easy to get lost in the moment and drive your car a little faster along with the tempo of the song.

The unique vocals croon simple yet affective (and quite honestly, a little angsty) lyrics on tracks such as “I Wanna Put My Tears Back In.”

Another track that stands out is the short but thrashing song titled “Ancient Shapes.” As the second song on the record, it introduces the listener quite aptly to the band’s windblast effect – the guitars fly from bar chord to bar chord, the bass and drums stampede at out-of-control tempo, and the vocalist shouts the title of the song with trembling intensity.

The final track on the record, “The Trembling Dogs,” picks up the pace throughout, ending at a breakneck tempo that would break your neck if you tried to bop your head along with the song.

S/T is an effortless listen from front to back, but each track is also strong when listened to on its own. This record provides a short blast of exhilaration and is a great listen for anyone who is stuck in traffic and craving some energy enhancing music!

- Ryan Haughey

Published in Volume 72, Number 17 of The Uniter (February 8, 2018)

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