Volume 72, Number 17

Published February 8, 2018

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  • Confronting weight stigma

    Discrimination against a person’s weight or size, also known as sizeism, is an issue that affects many people in their day-to-day lives.

  • A challenge

    Somewhat unintentionally, there’s a bit of a theme going through the issue this week. 

  • Whose House? David’s House!

    David A. Robertson isn’t just one of Winnipeg’s most prolific authors (he’s had more than 20 books published since 2008) – he’s also one of its most eclectic.

  • Arts briefs

    Medallion making // Cultural awareness workshop // Laughter is medicine // Valentines at The Park // Sourdough for Queers // Black History Month movie night

  • Starting a dialogue around sexuality and disability

    Next week, local advocates will host a night to hear from the disabilities community about issues around sex, dating and intimacy. The event is titled “Sexuality and Disability Manitoba Panel Discussion.”

  • CRITIPEG: Outside Mullingar

    For its 18th annual Master Playwright Festival, the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre (MTC) has chosen to showcase the works of John Patrick Shanley, the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright (Doubt: A Parable) and Academy Award-winning screenwriter (Moonstruck). 

  • Ancient Shapes - Self-titled

    Ancient Shapes’ debut record starts fast and ends faster. This quick-paced album throws the listener straight into the band’s hands, giving barely enough time for a breather.

  • #artists and #archives over #algorithms

    As communication and technology change, artists are adapting to new venues for exhibiting their art. Instagram is one such venue. It’s a popular picture-sharing platform that artists from different backgrounds see as a place for widely sharing art and building community.

  • Voyageur memes pour le fun

    @voyageurmemes is a Winnipeg-run Instagram page that posts relatable Franco-Manitoban content with voyageur flair.

  • News briefs

    Christianity in Trump’s America // Galentine’s Day Winnipeg // Film screening of A Good Place to Live // Non-binary support night // Penny Lane Market // Learn to Curl

  • Energizing the Canadian Community

    Every form of environment is filled with energy: in social environments, workplaces and in nature. People use energy in several different ways throughout their daily lives, and every action has an impact on the environment.

  • The hunt for parking on campus

    Parking near the University of Winnipeg (U of W) - and almost anywhere else downtown - can be a challenge.

  • PROFile: Pauline Ripat

    Professor Pauline Ripat has a long history at the University of Winnipeg. She did her undergraduate degree at the university, and then came back to teach as a sessional in 2001, which turned into a permanent position teaching in the classics department.

  • What does diversity on campus mean?

    According to the Canadian immigration website, “diversity in Canada extends beyond race and ethnicity but spans language, gender, religious affiliations, sexual orientation, abilities and economic status.”

  • Life in the City of Dirty Water RECAP

    On Jan. 30, 2018, Clayton Thomas-Müller shared stories and visuals as part of his larger project, Life in the City of Dirty Water, on stage at the West End Cultural Centre.

  • Watch your words

    Another day, another Trumpian scandal comes across the airwaves. It’s the sort of thing that has been in the news a lot for the last year - which is concerning enough in itself.