Favourite local achiever over 60

Photo by David Lipnowski

Favourite local achiever over 60

1. Fred Shore
2. Fred Penner
3. Jeanne Randolph

Dr. Fred Shore, voted this year’s favourite local achiever over 60, has been a longtime professor at the University of Manitoba (U of M) in the Department of Native Studies. 

As a historian, his research has focused on “Métis history and political issues of Indigenous people throughout Canada,” according to his U of M online biography. But above all, Shore’s real passion was being in the classroom.

“Teaching was always my thing. I loved it,” he says. 

“I also wanted to teach that (Intro to Native Studies) class, because it was fun.” 

Born in Montreal, he began teaching at a primary school in 1962. Shore eventually made his way to Manitoba, where he completed his BA at Brandon University and MA and PhD at the U of M. He has been with the Department of Native Studies since 1985.

Recently, Shore published a book, Threads in the Sash: The Story of the Métis People. Now, this 78-year-old educator is reluctantly retiring because of a recent pulmonary fibrosis diagnosis.

“I really would like to be teaching again, but I can’t,” Shore says.

“The last two or three months of my classes, I would go in and teach, and it would take me 25 minutes to recover afterwards,” he says. “I really will miss it.”

Though he is soon retiring, Shore plans to keep busy. 

“I read two to three books a week, so my Kindle is kept busy,” he says. Shore’s other hobbies include gardening and playing with his model trains. He is also continuing to write and work on projects.

Despite Shore’s health concerns, he maintains a positive outlook on life. 

“It’s a terminal disease, but what the hell? I’m 78, and I’ve had a good run,” he chuckles. 

Winnipeggers clearly value his accomplishments, as well.

Published in Volume 75, Number 12 of The Uniter (December 2, 2020)

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