• CRITIPEG: What did Jack do?

    It wasn’t too long ago that it seemed like we may never see a new David Lynch film.

  • A case for nostalgia

    There has been a lot of backlash against nostalgia in film over the past decade.

  • CRITIPEG: The Twentieth Century

    Matthew Rankin’s first feature-length film, The Twentieth Century, looks like Guy Maddin’s The Saddest Music In The World and a Canadian Heritage Minute took acid and gave birth to a wombat in a powdered wig

  • Favourite Local Filmmaker

    1.    Ryan Steel
    2.    Guy Maddin
    3.    Isaac Würmann

  • ‘There is something interesting about this city’

    Debuted at the Vancouver International Film Festival in September, Tapeworm arrives at Cinematheque on Nov. 14, and filmmakers Milos Mitrovic and Fabian Velasco, who are University of Winnipeg alumni, hint at the seriousness of their film.

  • Arts and culture briefs

    Gimme Some Truth // Queer Bingo: Out of this World! // Writers reading // Nonhuman Futures: Suzanne Kite lecture // David Berman tribute // Karen Kraven artist talk

  • Reel stories

    The University of Winnipeg Film Festival is underway. From Oct. 23 to 25, the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film will host Manitoba’s only student film festival, with screenings by students from the University of Winnipeg (U of W) and across Canada, as well as moderated discussions with local film professionals.

  • Arts briefs

    WrestleMAX! // Palace at 4 a.m. Costume Ball // Veloween XV Fairy Tale Frenzy // Halloween at the Handsome Daughter // Aurora Gorealis: Watching Night of the Living Dead // Kai Cheng Thom at McNally Robinson

  • Writing in a reverie

    Canada has a brand new arts and literature publication. Winnipeg-based Reverie Review features painting, fashion, writing and more. 

  • Arts briefs

    Real Love Thursdays // Mike Maryniuk workshop // Cyanotype and photogram workshop // Handsome Daughter anniversary party // PROJECTIONS at Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain (CCFM) // School of Art Gallery opening

  • Nuit Blanche 2019

    Photos from Nuit Blanche 2019.

  • Arts briefs

    Launch at Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA) // WNDX Festival of Moving Image // Winnipeg launch of Cam Scott’s ROMANS/SNOWMARE // Queer Skate Day costume party // Aurora Gorealis: Happy Birthday to Me // Dance Party at the Good Will

  • Analog art’s not dead?

    With the increase in quality and affordability of digital media, many people working in film and music have pivoted away from physical media, opting to photograph or record digitally and to release through online streaming services. But analog art isn’t dead yet. 

  • CRITIPEG: Ad Astra

    It’s long been a tradition for celebrated filmmakers, especially those who typically avoid genre work, to make a science fiction film at some point in their career.

  • Making sex scenes safe(r) for filmmakers

    Inclusive pornographer Kate Sinclaire will hold a workshop on filming sex scenes at the Winnipeg Film Group on Sept. 18. The workshop will address how to approach shooting intimate scenes.

  • CRITIPEG: The Souvenir

    Writer-director Joanna Hogg’s The Souvenir has many pleasures

  • Critipeg: Us

    Writer-director Jordan Peele’s 2017 debut feature Get Out was a cultural bombshell on many levels. Previously known for television sketch comedy, Peele’s move to horror auteur probably wasn’t a bet many people were placing.

  • CRITIPEG: Minding the Gap

    The first feature film by 30-year-old documentarian Bing Liu, Minding the Gap has seen its reputation grow from its debut at 2018’s Sundance Film Festival throughout its long trek across the global festival and arthouse circuits.

  • Whose House? David’s House!

    “Every time I see a Whose House and it’s somebody I know, I’m like, ‘Damn! Why don’t they do one on me?!’” Cinematheque’s operations manager David Knipe is finally getting his turn.

  • Did you see that movie?

    Major film releases featuring Black characters and stories are few and far between. When these films do make it to theatres – such as 2018 films Sorry to Bother You and BlacKkKlansman – they often are only in select cinemas for short runs.

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