• Favourite local podcast

    1. Witchpolice Radio

    2. The Reel Debaters

    3. Barking Dog

  • Favourite movie by a local filmmaker

    1. Butch Bathroom Blues (Nic Kaneski)

    2. A Traveller's Guide to Montreal and Toronto in 2022 (Dylan Bodner)

    3. Diaspora (Deco Dawson)

  • Arts briefs

    Django Festival All Stars @ the Rady JCC // Music in the Parlour // Winter classes open at Forum Art Centre // Get curious @ cre8ery // To Broadcast is to Scatter // A Day With(out) Art

  • Arts briefs

    Rachmaninoff’s 150th birthday celebration // A movie you can dance to // Theatrical connections // Sound of Music @ Royal MTC // On the future of Black art in Canada // Celebrating labour and the arts

  • Gallery 1C03 finds its ‘legs’

    Humility can be hard to find. In a culture where women’s empowerment filters through individualism, presented in terms of “badass,” “girlboss” and the “she-conomy” – one might struggle to draw the line between “owning it” and self-obsession, between humility and self-effacement.

  • Critipeg: Funny Pages

    Plays at Cinematheque on Nov. 29

  • ‘We want to hear your stories’

    Kathleen Gallagher, a Winnipeg-based actor, producer and screenwriter, understands the challenges women face in her industry. As president of the OurToba Film Network, she is creating a space for women, non-binary and gender-diverse filmmakers in Manitoba to meet, create and gain skills.

  • ‘Still obscure as hell’

    For years, John Paizs has been a cult figure among cult figures. The filmmaker, a key creator in the early days of the Winnipeg Film Group, created work that was subversive, funny and visually inventive. His trio of half-hour shorts, The Three Worlds of Nick (1981 to ’84), and his first feature, Crime Wave (1985), are cutting-edge works of underground ’80s cinema. They’ve also been, until recently, really difficult to actually see.

  • Diasporic discussion at Cinematheque

    Of all the movies screening at downtown Winnipeg’s only movie theatre, keep an eye out for a few non-English films from across the pond making their Canadian debuts – even if they’re decades old.

  • Vibrant matter

    In a dreamy and ambiguous landscape, iridescent amoebas surround the ruins of obsolete electronics. Brilliantly coloured fungal growths cling to the edges of discarded circuit boards.

  • Spooky action

    The Dave Barber Cinematheque will honour late avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger with a survey of his works on Oct. 28.

  • Why the SAG-AFTRA strike matters

    An unprecedented labour dispute has marked the summer of 2023, holding the entertainment industry hostage.

    On July 14, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) embarked on a strike. Approximately 160,000 members’ demands include better pay, improved working conditions and a fair slice of the ever-evolving entertainment pie.

  • Real recognize reel

    As theatres are inundated with the usual stream of blockbuster fare and self-perpetuating franchises, modern mainstream cinema offerings may seem less and less authentic. But one Winnipeg film festival is keeping it real.

  • Critipeg: Shortcomings

    Plays at Dave Barber Cinematheque from Sept. 15 to 21

  • Under the light of the Golden Boy’s behind

    “We sleep in the light of the Golden Boy’s ass,” the upcoming film Purple City states. 

    From dropping acid and gay hustling under yellow lights, to the mythological world of Greco-Roman lore, this new short film explores the hidden stories of the Golden Boy from the viewpoint of the filmmakers’ very own apartment across the street – where every night, they sleep in the golden glory of the statue’s illumination.

  • Critipeg: Archangel

    Plays at the Dave Barber Cinematheque on March 22 and 23

  • ‘An architectural jewel’

    Places + Spaces: Winnipeg is a series of documentary vignettes that puts the structures, histories and politics of Winnipeg’s built environment on screen.

  • I Like Movies

    Plays at Cinematheque from March 11 to 18

  • Arts briefs

    Jazz @ the Fort Garry// Freeze Frame returns// Writing on joy// Lizzy Hoyt x MCO// Nickybaby releases debut EP// Apply to Plug-In ICA’s summer institute

  • Perfect Blue

    Plays at Cinematheque on March 4

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