• Critipeg: Please Like Me

    “Rhubarb and Custard,” streaming on Netflix

  • Punching up

    Winnipeg comedians and colleagues speak on performing in a medium that has historically been dominated by white, male, straight and cis voices. 

  • Favourite local visual artist

    Favourite local visual artist

    1. Chase Martin / Hannah Reimer (tie)
    2. Kieran Valde / Matea Radic (tie)

  • Favourite local publication (that isn’t The Uniter)

    Favourite local publication (that isn’t The Uniter)

    1. Stylus
    2. Dijon Magazine
    3. Winnipeg Free Press

  • Favourite local public gathering place

    Favourite local public gathering place

    1. The Good Will Social Club
    2. The Forks
    3. Stay home! Don't gather!

  • Favourite local podcast

    Favourite local podcast

    1. Bikini Drive-In
    2. Barking Dog
    3. 8-way tie

  • Favourite local gallery or artist-run centre

    Favourite local gallery or artist-run centre

    1. Winnipeg Art Gallery
    2. MAWA / aceart inc. (tie)

  • Favourite local writer / Favourite local photographer

    Favourite local writer 

    1. Callie Lugosi
    2. Bartley Kives
    3. Cierra Bettens / Riva Billows / Ryan Thorpe (tie)

    Favourite local photographer

    1. Callie Lugosi
    2. Ally Gonzalo
    3. Jen Doerksen

  • Favourite local filmmaker

    Favourite local filmmaker

    1. Ryan Steel
    2. Ian Bawa / Fabian Velasco (tie)

  • Favourite local DJ

    Favourite local DJ

    1. Fishead
    2. DJ Hunnicutt
    3. Kenneth Castillo

  • Local makers and shakers

    Manitoba retailers and makers offering pickup and delivery

  • ‘Clever, accessible and empathetic’

    Origin Stories: Abby Falvo

  • Arts Briefs

    Tenant orgainizing // melannie monoceros // Community peacebuilding // Urban Shaman AGM // Expressing Oneself Through Code: Coding Beyond the Screen // Virtual cyanotype workshop

  • Critipeg: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

    Available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

  • Reading in Colour

    Visibility matters

  • To be in person, or not to be in person

    That is the question the U of W theatre department has to address

  • Writing: A homecoming

    Origin Stories: Jenny Heijun Wills

  • A thousand new faces to see

    Edmonton cultural festival partners with FringeLiveStream

  • Arts Briefs

    Sigrid Dahle // Indigenous activism in modernity // Bram Keast artist talk // One Queer City // ArtsJunktion workshop // Letters for Pallister 

  • Critipeg: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    “Moo Moo”
    New episodes airing in 2021 on Citytv

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