• Favourite local visual artist

    1. Dylan Carr

    2. Barb Bottle

    3. JD Renaud

  • Favourite local publication (that isn’t The Uniter)

    1. The Uniter (editor’s note: please stop voting for us)

    2. Stylus

    3. ARP Books

  • Favourite local music venue/Favourite local restaurant

    Favourite local music venue

    1. The Good Will Social Club

    2. The Handsome Daughter

    3. The Park Theatre

    Favourite local restaurant

    1. The Handsome Daughter

    2. Bonnie Day

    3. Shorty’s Pizza

  • Favourite local public art piece

    1. emptyful by Bill Pechet

    2. Riley Grae mural

    3. Cinematheque bathroom by JD Renaud

  • Favourite local dancer

    1. Esethu Gwintsa

    2. Ella Steele

    3. Dancing Gabe

  • Favourite local podcast

    1. Witchpolice Radio

    2. The Reel Debaters

    3. Barking Dog

  • Favourite local photographer

    1. Joey Senft

    2. Adam Kelly

    3. Dwayne Larson

  • Favourite local gallery or artist space

    1. aceartinc.

    2. Winnipeg Art Gallery

    3. MAWA

  • Favourite movie by a local filmmaker

    1. Butch Bathroom Blues (Nic Kaneski)

    2. A Traveller's Guide to Montreal and Toronto in 2022 (Dylan Bodner)

    3. Diaspora (Deco Dawson)

  • Favourite local album/Favourite local performance

    Favourite local album

    1. Virgo Rising - Vampyre Year

    2. Amos the Kid - Enough as it Was

    3. Neighbour Andy - Wild Ones

    Favourite local performance

    1. Virgo Rising EP release show, Oct. 13 @ Good Will

    2. i am your spaniel by We Quit Theatre

    3. Neighbour Andy, Aug. 24 @ The Beer Can

  • Arts briefs

    Django Festival All Stars @ the Rady JCC // Music in the Parlour // Winter classes open at Forum Art Centre // Get curious @ cre8ery // To Broadcast is to Scatter // A Day With(out) Art

  • Devin Latimer, chemistry instructor

    Devin Latimer, a chemistry instructor at the University of Winnipeg, hails from the northern Manitoba towns of Lynn Lake and Leaf Rapids.

  • Arts briefs

    Rachmaninoff’s 150th birthday celebration // A movie you can dance to // Theatrical connections // Sound of Music @ Royal MTC // On the future of Black art in Canada // Celebrating labour and the arts

  • Critipeg: My Animal

    Plays at Cinematheque from Dec. 1 to 10

  • Weaving Métis stories through song

    Six years ago, during a 10,000-kilometre research trip across the M.tis homeland, Dr. Suzanne Steele, a M.tis librettist, poet and scholar, came across a historical love affair that would define her artistic life for the next several years.

  • Yo-ho-ho (and a bottle of paint)

    The seasick and thalassophobic should steer clear of the Exchange District’s always vibrant cre8ery Gallery and Studio for the next few weeks. For everyone else, batten down the hatches and explore artist Maureen Babb’s newest collection, A Star to Steer by, from Nov. 23 to Dec. 5.

  • Serena Ryder reimagines the holidays

    Few occasions trigger a barrage of complicated feelings like the holidays. Canadian singer-songwriter Serena Ryder knows this all too well.

  • Thoroughly modern milliner

    Tucked away in a quiet corner at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and Qaumajuq’s 2023 CRAFTED show, couture milliner Helen Gair of Helen Gair Millinery selects a red beret from her display and carefully places it on the head of a curious attendee.

  • Bittersweet farewells

    Within 24 hours, Winnipeggers learned that we’ll be bidding farewell to two local institutions of sorts.

  • Gallery 1C03 finds its ‘legs’

    Humility can be hard to find. In a culture where women’s empowerment filters through individualism, presented in terms of “badass,” “girlboss” and the “she-conomy” – one might struggle to draw the line between “owning it” and self-obsession, between humility and self-effacement.

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