You may know L.A. alt-rockers Wintergreen for their Atari-themed breakout song When I Wake Up, off their 2007 debut LP (Around &) Around Again. The song’s video became a minor Internet phenom thanks to the retro appeal of its storyline, which follows the demise of the infamous E.T. video game. (Large quantities were disposed of in a real life New Mexico landfill after the game flopped in ’82.) Someday, the first single of the band’s recent sophomore effort Rebel Shout, is similarly appealing and similarly predictable. The best parts of the track are where the band channels Dinosaur Jr. with ’90s angst and low-fi guitar solos. The downside is that these elements are overshadowed by lead singer Drew Mottinger’s everyday vocals and painfully poor lyrics. “Don’t sell your soul to the fire / Don’t give your love to a liar” Mottinger repeats over the song’s chorus, leaving the listener with a sense of dread that the chorus might reprise (it does). Too bad. Download Someday at .

Published in Volume 64, Number 24 of The Uniter (March 25, 2010)

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