Volume 64, Number 24

Published March 25, 2010

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  • Do patrols make downtown safer?

    Given that there are so many people patrolling downtown, do you think downtown is safe?

  • Fashion Streeter

    I think fashion epitomizes freedom, individuality and self-expression, especially for women.
  • Modeling generosity

    Fashion with a Purpose is a local fashion show organized by third-year University of Manitoba pharmacy student Angel Bhathal. The event is set to take place on Friday, April 23 at Stereo Nightclub and will feature local designers and boutiques in support of the children’s charity Variety.

  • The merits of muzzling the media

    If you are alive, like many others, you are probably well aware that the world is shit and life sucks ass.

  • Listen to your body when it comes to deciding which foods to eat

    Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to some foods over others? Besides your preference of ice cream over vegetables?

  • The stylist and the souse

    Rita wants to be educated; she wants to know everything.

  • Food for thought

    Robert Pasternak’s latest artistic offering Visual Chew: Original novelties, art multiples and packaged thoughts is currently on display at Martha Street Studio. In this unique exhibition, Pasternak utilizes his skills as a printmaker, with individual silk-screened packaged wrappers and offset printed booklets of his work.

  • Paradise flossed

    Not many dentists have the opportunity to be creative with their work, but Kris Row is no ordinary dentist.

  • Sweatin’ to the oldies

    At 64, Canadian music legend Neil Young may just be a hair younger than his musical contemporaries. But when the man with the heart of gold gets onstage, as anyone who has seen him can attest, he gets a whole lot younger.

  • Brothers gonna work it out

    Winnipeg is a city packed to the brim with old-time/country/folk/bluegrass groups. This abundance of genre acts makes the struggle to rise above and garner attention that much greater, and all the more intimidating for those just starting out. So when local folkers The Crooked Brothers released their debut album last fall, even after years of playing together in the city, it seemed their day had finally come.

  • WINTERGREEN - Someday

    You may know L.A. alt-rockers Wintergreen for their Atari-themed breakout song When I Wake Up, off their 2007 debut LP (Around &) Around Again.

  • GHOSTKEEPER - Ghostkeeper

    “I-I-I I’m gonna leave by morning” has never sounded so catchy, which makes the charm and ease of Ghostkeeper’s storytelling impressive.

  • EVIL SURVIVES - Powerkiller

    It goes without saying that this band has a healthy obsession with all things Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

  • PATRICK KEENAN - Washed Out Roads

    Patrick and Tom are brothers, both officially releasing their new albums on the same day, at the same CD release show - Saturday, March 27 at the West End Cultural Centre.

  • There’s always room for cello

    Classical music is often misconstrued as the exclusive pleasure of brainy music majors and gangly old men in turtlenecks with wiry, ponytailed grey hair. While classical music may have its die-hard fans, scholars and quirky virtuosos, that doesn’t mean it’s beyond the reach of today’s pop and rock crowd.

  • Inevitable hip-hop experimentation

    Ask the guys in local hip-hop trio Magnum K.I. where they’re from and they’ll tell you they’re products of the battles.

  • Incommunicado no more?

    Imagine lying on your back, aware of questions being asked of you, but completely unable to move and speak. As recent studies show, this is the reality for some vegetative patients. They are literally trapped in their own bodies. Now, there may be reason for hope, as advanced brain imaging is being tested as a means of communication.

  • Priding ourselves

    I have discovered a newfound sense of national pride and patriotism after Canada’s tremendous success at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. I am sure many Canadians have had similar feelings.

  • The selfishness of religious charity

    A few weeks ago, my father and I had a rare debate about religion. The debate began when my father, who is a Christian, expressed his view that religious people are inherently more charitable and selfless than atheists.

  • Greece’s economic turmoil

    When you put together a $486 billion deficit, sweeping cuts to the public service, fiscal conspiracies with Goldman Sachs, widespread police brutality and wage cuts, the situation is right for a growing movement aimed at anarchist revolution.

  • Thinking about running for mayor? Don’t.

    Circle your calendars folks, Winnipeg’s next civic election will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010.

  • Campus News Briefs

    A fair trade coffee break; Theatre department wraps up with Anne Frank performance; Atheist student group to give presentation ’debunking’ God; Mayor, U of W partner for aboriginal business development; Wesmen to offer new, exciting summer camps

  • The students have spoken

    After a week of intense campaigning and four days of voting, the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) has a new executive team and board of directors. However, only 9.1 per cent of the student body cast votes (849 ballots), a decrease of 4.2 per cent from last year’s general elections.

  • Know your university: The battle of the beds

    You see them everywhere – dozing in corners of the library, napping on their notes in lecture halls and snoozing on various sofas. For stressed out students, sleep is a precious thing.

  • Manitoba organizations at war with diabetes

    Organizations across Manitoba are fighting back against a disease that alters hundreds of thousands of Canadian lives every year.

  • Canada’s changing face

    Even though his legal name is Roberto Kasala, when the Filipino immigrant was applying for Canadian jobs, he purposefully used his nickname – Bobby.

  • International News Briefs

    Dentist under investigation for using paper clips in root canals; Library book returned after 45 years; Indians provide list of proper manners; Railway posts false explosion on website; Car sex leads to death

  • Canada ratifies the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

    On March 11, 2010, Canada ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

  • Controversy, criticism and confusion

    Dedicated to discussing Israeli racial segregation issues, Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) took place at the University of Manitoba campus for the very first time from Monday, March 8 to Friday March 12.

  • Local News Briefs

    Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber wants meth charges lifted; Greyhound gets millions from provincial government; Manitoba gets tougher on lottery ticket retailers; St. B expands recreation centre with big government stimulus cash; Portage Place welcomes the ancient art of chess

  • Safety and security in downtown Winnipeg

    Downtown residents and workers have surely noted the presence of uniformed men and women on patrol. Whether they are police officers, private security or the red-jacketed Downtown Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) Patrol, some may be unaware of the roles, responsibilities and differences of each group.

  • A creative co-op in the Exchange District

    The Old Market Autonomous Zone (A-Zone) is taking activism to a new level by establishing the framework for the first co-operative building ownership model in Winnipeg.

  • Will Earth Hour 2010 make a difference?

    Earth Hour 2010 is a global effort led by the World Wildlife Fund to get people to turn off non-essential lights and appliances for one hour to draw attention to climate change. This year, millions of individuals and businesses worldwide will honour Earth Hour on Saturday, March 27 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m.

  • The April music round up

    This spring is going to rock your socks off.