Who could use a break?

Just as autumn snuck up on everyone this year (who forgot to tell the atmosphere about normal seasonal temperatures?), we’ve somehow suddenly landed in October. And also, now that it’s a few weeks into fall, it’s time for our still-kinda-new-and-novel fall reading week.

Next week, we will not publish a regular issue of The Uniter. We’ve got some projects to work on instead (which could possibly include some reading), so when we come back after the break we’re in great shape to tackle the rest of the semester.

Luckily, although we’re leaving this issue on stands for you until Oct. 18, it’s full of exciting content and food for thought to tide you over. In the city section, we’re looking at lead contamination and affordable housing - two important topics that deserve our attention at the moment. On campus, we have some tips for halloween costumes (and parties to attend) and a bit of history behind this year’s new university Wi-Fi password.

In the arts section, get to know the new Rind pop-up, learn about how voice and art interact in Contralto and check out a new kind of queer orchestra. We’ve also got the debut column from Christina Hajjar, Feeding Diaspora, so you can read a bit about the topics she’ll examine over the course of the year.

However you spend the next week – reading or not – I hope this issue can offer you some good company, new ideas and fodder for interesting discussions.

—Anastasia Chipelski

Published in Volume 73, Number 5 of The Uniter (October 4, 2018)

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