Whip demo 2015

Whip is one of Winnipeg’s newer additions to the punk scene. Their four track demo is free to play on Bandcamp and I’d recommend you spend the five and a half minutes it takes to plow through it. Then play it again for pete’s sake cause you’ve got the time. I’ve played it numerous times and it never feels redundant, so take my word for it. 

Four songs is a tease but I guess we’ll let it slide as five songs could be too generous. Their sound is like a combination of Kathleen Hanna’s riot grrl vocals mixed with simple catchy rhythms you can’t ignore. You just can’t. 

This is a subcategory of music that seems to be in circulation again and I’m very pleased to say that Winnipeg is jumping on the wagon. With the flux of girl fronted punk bands across Canada it’s about time we grew our catalogue. Our punk scene is something to be proud of and Whip is helping to solidify that with our variety. So far all of our female fronted punk groups rock, no big deal. 

But if you don’t care about the details that’s fine too. Just hit play and move your body. I can run you through the basics real quick. The first track “No Shame” starts things off fast so you know who you’re dealing with. Once “Crooked Teeth” comes on we’re really listening to what they’ve got to say. “All We’ve Got” certainly can’t be all they’ve got, or I’ll be sad. And finally, “Double Life” is the end of it all, for now anyway. 

Whip knows how to take charge without overcomplicating it. They’re really rather suitable for a relationship...with your ears. 

- Kaitlyn Emslie Farrel

Published in Volume 70, Number 18 of The Uniter (February 4, 2016)

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