Welcome to Scorpio season!


November opens with the sun in mysterious Scorpio, bringing a creative and passionate atmosphere. A transformative new moon in Scorpio inspires new beginnings, and eclipse season kicks off with the lunar eclipse in Taurus. Sagittarius season is on the horizon, too, encouraging a warm, festive mood!


New narratives are starting to unfold around your intimate relationships today, Aries. The new moon in sensual Scorpio emerges today, directing your focus towards your sex life, sense of commitment, and shared responsibility in working partnerships in the weeks ahead. Take a beat today to ponder about or jot down fresh new ideas around how you’d like your intimate relationships to prosper in a more functional, emotionally healing light.


You can’t turn away from the relationship changes budding your world, Taurus. Romance is in the air for you! Whether you’re working through an existing partnership, chipping away at a fresh fling, or exploring a renewed interest in the dating scene, embrace your desire to explore relationships in a transformative light. The new moon in intimate Scorpio arrives today, pushing you into a brand-new narrative around exploring the art of intimate partnership in the month ahead.


If you’ve been hungry to mix things up on the work/life balance front, then look no further than the fresh potential offered under Thursday’s skies, Gemini. The new moon in sharp Scorpio emerges today, launching you into a brand-new month-long narrative concerning your work environment. This is the best lunation of the year to apply for new jobs, educate yourself on a new skill, or hone a new craft under, so don’t be shy about making moves.


Thursday’s cosmic landscape brings some big plans onto the scene for you, Cancer. The new moon in emotionally-rich Scorpio emerges today, bringing with it an exciting, impulsive initiative to latch onto new creative passion projects. The weeks ahead see you exploring your own stage to shine upon with a special talent of your choosing. Opportunities also arrive to spice up your sex life and enjoy some flirtations too!


Your home life has been an ongoing point of interest and frustration recently, Leo. You’re deep in the process of discovering what you want your humble abode to look and feel like, so that it can be deeply supportive for your ambitions in your external world. Thursday’s skies bring the new moon in transformative Scorpio, offering you a fresh opportunity to deepen your connection to your roots, your family, and the place you call home in the weeks ahead.


As a Virgo, you’re passionate about educating yourself on the things you love. Learning new things brings you joy and enlivens your sense of self-expression. The new moon in sharp-minded Scorpio arrives today, launching a new month-long journey into educational pursuits, local journeys, and exploring your perceptions through the written or spoken word. This is the best time of year to embark on projects that require your voice, so don’t hold back.


Are your natural skills getting to shine, Libra? You have a variety of talents that are just waiting to be activated that you need only foster enough self-confidence to bring them to life. Today’s skies see the arrival of the new moon in focused Scorpio, offering you the opportunity to have a deeper look at these natural resources — financial and otherwise — and develop them more fully in the month ahead.


One of the most important lunations of the year emerges for you today, Scorpio. The new moon blooms in your sign, providing you with a new opportunity to start a fresh chapter in your life around the development of your identity, individuality, and health. The coming weeks find you bravely redefining who you are and what you’re here to do, so take a moment to jot down a few special intentions for yourself today.


As a Sagittarian, you’re naturally wired to view life from a big picture perspective. You’re always aiming to absorb fresh facts and widen your scope of understanding on life’s mysterious ways. Thursday’s skies find you reaching a mental capacity in this department as the universe nudges you to release and surrender self-created blockages that cloud your vision. Today’s new moon in transformative Scorpio prompts you to explore what outmoded mental habits need releasing in the weeks ahead.


You’re reaching a critical part of your story, Capricorn. Before you can continue to push forward with your goals, you need to hang back and re-examine which of your aspirations are really worth putting your all into. It’s also important to re-assess which friends and allies you can actually count on the long road ahead. Thursday’s new moon in emotionally raw Scorpio offers you the chance to craft fresh goals and invigorate your social network in the month ahead.


Things are beginning to become more charged around your current career trajectory, Aquarius. Thursday’s skies bring the arrival of the new moon in transformative Scorpio, bringing a brand new month-long development to your career and reputation. This is the strongest time of year to go after new potentials for advancement when it comes to your ambitions, so be clear about what it is you wish to bring to life and be fearless about making moves.


Your beliefs about how life functions have been subtly shifting, Pisces. At this juncture, you’re widening your scope of understanding and are starting to ponder new opportunities for your continued journey towards self-expansion. Today’s new moon in motivated Scorpio helps you pursue a new chapter with your educational pursuits while also deepening your philosophy on life. Be prepared to look into learning something new or simply let go of outgrown misconceptions to which you’ve clung.

Published in Volume 76, Number 08 of The Uniter (November 4, 2021)