The Uniter Top 10 lists 2013

[h2]10 best arguments for getting cable or staying off Twitter for a couple days[/h2]

Jesse Bercier, volunteer/The Thrashers

1. [i]Breaking Bad[/i]

2. [i]Game of Thrones[/i]

3. [i]The Walking Dead[/i]

4. [i]Boardwalk Empire[/i]

5. [i]Mad Men[/i]

6. [i]Eastbound and Down[/i]

7. [i]It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia[/i]

8. [i]Girls[/i]

9. [i]Justified[/i]

10. [i]Sons of Anarchy[/i]


[h2] Top 10 Albums[/h2]

Julijana Capone, Uniter volunteer/writer

1. [i]Images du Futur[/i] - Suuns

2. [i] We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic[/i] - Foxygen

3. [i]Reflektor[/i] - Arcade Fire

4. [i]mbv[/i] - My Bloody Valentine

5. [i]Cerulean Salt[/i] - Waxahatchee

6. [i] Silence Yourself[/i] - Savages

7. [i]Surfing Strange[/i] - Swearin’

8. [i]Today We're Believers[/i] - Royal Canoe

9. [i]Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO[/i] - The Besnard Lakes

10. [i] Everything, Everything [/i] - Shotgun Jimmie


[h2] Top 10 Films[/h2]

Michael Carlisle, Uniter Film Critic

1. [i]The Great Beauty[/i]

2. [i]12 Years A Slave[/i]

3. [i]The Dance of Reality[/i]

4. [i]Blue is the Warmest Color[/i]

5. [i]Le Passe[/i]

6. [i]Jeune et Jolie[/i]

7. [i]Blue Jasmine[/i]

8. [i]Like Father, Like Son[/i]

9.  [i]Before Midnight[/i]

10. [i]Target Practice[/i]


[h2] Top 10 Items Needed in the Uniter Office[/h2]

Daniel Crump, Uniter Photo Editor

1. Office whip

2. Time machine

3. Coffee

4. 3D printer

5. New word of the day

6. Fancy coffee for Harry

7. Matching Uniter onesies

8. Mouse Trap

9. Bowflex home gym

10. Beat reporter


[h2] Sitcom episodes that need to make a comeback in 2014[/h2]

Melanie Dahling, Beat Reporter/Girl About Town

1. The gang plays a video game that is just a lot of button mashing and off screen “beep boops.”

2. A character’s relationship or rock band exists for one episode and is never mentioned again.

4. A relative shows up that is just a cast member in a kooky wig with an offensive accent.

5. Two characters suddenly have compulsive habits for a bet themed episode.

6. A Halloween emergency causes the gang to look silly in a sombre setting.

7. The gang goes to Disneyland!

8. Whoopi Goldberg is there.

9. A beloved character develops a mental health disorder and recovers- all in the same week.

10. There’s a CAR in the KITCHEN!


[h2] Top 10 Films on Netflix[/h2]

Samantha Duerksen, Uniter City Reporter

1. [i]Exit Through the Gift Shop[/i] 

2. [i]Moon[/i]

3. [i]Life of Pi[/i]

4. [i]The Other F Word[/i] 

5. [i]Ferris Bueller's Day Off[/i]

6. [i]Shaun of the Dead[/i]

7. [i]Fish Tank[/i]

8. [i]Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind[/i]

9. [i]Donnie Darko[/i]

10. [i]Pulp Fiction[/i]


[h2] Top 10 Horror Movies You Probably Shouldn't Tell People You Like[/h2]

Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell, Uniter Arts Reporter/filmmaker

1. [i]Human Centipede 2[/i]

2. [i]Cannibal Holocaust[/i]

3. [i]Tokyo Gore Police[/i]

4. [i]Thankskilling[/i]

5. [i]Abc's of Death[/i]

6. [i]Plastic Disasters[/i]

7. [i]Klown Kamp Massacre[/i]

8. [i]Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead[/i]

9. [i]Faces of Death[/i]

10. [i]120 Days of Sodom[/i]


[h2] Top 10 Albums[/h2]

Nicholas Friesen, Uniter Managing Editor/filmmaker

1. [i]Heartthrob[/i] - Tegan and Sara

2. [i]Rivers & Rust[/i] - Haunter

3. [i]We The Common[/i] - Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

4. [i]Fireball[/i] - Greg Macpherson Band

5. [i]What We Want[/i] - Thomas D'Arcy

6. [i]Can't Lose[/i] - Gareth Williams

7. [i]Defend Yourself[/i] - Sebadoh

8. [i]Everything Everything[/i] - Shotgun Jimmie

9. [i]Girls, Like Wolves[/i] - Miesha and the Spanks

10. [i]Mourning Trance[/i] - Still Life Still


[h2] Top 10 Albums[/h2]

Laina Hughes, Uniter Columnist/writer

1. [i]Muchacho[/i] - Phosphorescent

2. [i]Trouble Will Find Me[/i] - The National

3. [i]Wakin on a Pretty Daze[/i] - Kurt Vile

4. mbv - My Bloody Valentine

5. [i]What the Brothers Sang[/i] - Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie "Prince" Billy

6. [i]Surrounded[/i] - Richard Buckner

7. Repave - Volcano Choir

8. Tomorrow’s Harvest - Boards of Canada

9. Wondrous Bughouse - Youth Lagoon

10. Overgrown - James Blake


[h2] Top 10 Holiday Movies[/h2]

Rob Holt, Uniter Business Manager

1. [i]Die Hard[/i]

2. [i]It's a Wonderful Life[/i]

3. [i]Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer[/i]

4. [i]The Nightmare Before Christmas[/i]

5. [i]Scrooge[/i]

6. [i]Bad Santa[/i]


8. [i]National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation[/i]

9. [i]A Christmas Story[/i]

10. [i]Black Christmas[/i]


[h2] Top 10 Albums[/h2]

Kevin Legge, Uniter Staff Photographer

1. Atoms for Peace - [i]Amok[/i]

2. LITE - [i]Installation[/i]

3. Tera Melos - [i]X'ed Out[/i]

4. Queens of the Stone Age - [i]...Like Clockwork[/i]

5. The Dillinger Escape Plan - [i]One Of Us Is The Killer[/i]

6. Sigur Rós - [i]Kveikur[/i]

7. And So I Watch You From Afar - [i]All Hail Bright Futures[/i]

8. Marnie Stern - [i]The Chronicles of Marnia[/i]

9. Washed Out - [i]Paracosm[/i]

10. This Town Needs Guns - [i][/i]


[h2] 10 personnel changes to ensure 2013's political, environmental, social and economic blunders aren't repeated[/h2]

Brian Lorraine, Uniter City Editor

1. John Ralston Saul for Stephen Harper.

2. David Suzuki for Jim Flaherty.

3. Paul Jordan for Sam Katz.

4. Ron McLean for Rob Ford.

5. Rob Ford for Rick Mercer.

6. Russell Brand for Ron McLean.

7. Rebecca Blaikie for Greg Selinger.

8. Naomi Klein for Mark Hamm.

9. Jonathon Toews for Andrew Ladd.

10. Andrina Turenne for Stacey Nattrass.


[h2] 10 Favourite Can Lit Books Read in 2013 (Alphabetical)[/h2]

Adam Petrash, Uniter Books Columnist/writer

1. [i]The Canterbury Trail[/i] - Angie Abdou

2. [i]The Politics of Knives[/i] - Jonathan Ball

3. [i]Raygun Gothic[/i] - GMB Chomichuk

4. [i]Needs Improvement[/i] - Jon Paul Fiorentino

5. [i]Thunder Road/Tombstone Blues[/i] - Chadwick Ginther

6. [i]The Dilettantes[/i] - Michael Hingston

7. [i]Rosina, the Midwife[/i] - Jessica Kluthe

8. [i]The Miracles of Ordinary Men[/i] - Amanda Leduc

9. [i]All We Want Is Everything[/i] - Andrew F. Sullivan

10. [i]North End Love Songs[/i] - Katherena Vermette


[h2] Top 10 Albums[/h2]

Deborah Remus, Uniter Arts Reporter

1. [i]Home[/i] - Off With Their Heads

2. [i]Dead Language[/i] - The Flatliners

3. [i]Partycrasher[/i] - A Wilhelm Scream

4. [i]The Bronx (IV)[/i] - The Bronx

5. [i]The Beauty Between[/i] - RVIVR

6. [i]The Constant One[/i] - Iron Chic

7. [i]Fever Hunting[/i] - Modern Life Is War

8. [i]Chalet[/i] - Kids & Heroes

9. [i]Comfort/Distraction[/i] - Broadway Calls

10. [i]Leavetaking[/i] - Elway


[h2] Top 10 Albums[/h2]

Harrison Samphir, Uniter Senior Editor

1. [i]Random Access Memories[/i] - Daft Punk

2. [i]Walkin on a Sunny Daze[/i] - Kurt Vile

3. [i]R Plus Seven[/i] - Oneohtrix Point Never

4. [i]Days Are Gone[/i] - HAIM

5. [i]We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic[/i] - Foxygen

6. [i]The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You[/i] - Neko Case

7. [i]Old[/i] - Danny Brown

8. [i]Today We're Believers[/i] - Royal Canoe

9. [i]m b v[/i] - My Bloody Valentine

10. [i]Anything in Return[/i] - Toro y Moi


[h2] Top 10 performances of 2013 (In order of appearance)[/h2]

Justin Schafer, volunteer/Greg Arcade’s Rockin’ Band

Man The Selector at Park Theatre, January 31st.

Mariachi Ghost at Times Change, February 16th.

The Reverend Rambler at Park Theatre, March 9.

Crooked Brothers at Times Change, May 3rd.

White Horse at The Winnipeg Folk Festival Main Stage, July 13.

Dirty Cat Fish Brass Band outside the LC on Osborne, July 30.

Mahogany Frog at Rainbow Trout Music Festival, August 17th. 

Chic Gamine and The Riel Gentleman's Choir at Harvest Moon Festival, September 13.

Room 220 at The Rose n Bee, October 4th.

Doug Hoyer at HMS Arlington, November 5th.


[h2] 2013 albums I found myself listening to the most (in alphabetical order)[/h2]

Tyler Sneesby, Uniter columnist/DJ Hunnicutt

1. [i]Amok[/i] - Atoms For Peace

2. [i]Anything In Return[/i] - Toro Y Moi

3. [i]Avalanche[/i] - Quadron

4. [i]Dream River[/i] - Bill Callahan

5. [i]My Name Is My Name[/i] - Pusha T

6. [i]Run the Jewels[/i] - Run the Jewels

7. [i]Settle[/i] - Disclosure

8. [i]Today We're Believers[/i] - Royal Canoe

9. [i]Trouble Will Find Me[/i] - The National

10. [i]Woman[/i] - Rhye


[h2] Top 10 Late Show with David Letterman Top Ten Lists[/h2]

Jared Story, Uniter Arts & Culture Editor

10. Mon., Oct. 7, Top Ten Things Americans Said When The Government Reopened (3. “They don’t pull this kind of crap in Belarus.”)

9. Weds., April 3, Top Ten Things We’ll Miss About Jay Leno (4. Can’t remember the name of the bit, but it’s the one where Jay is walking.)

8. Mon., Jan. 28, Top Ten Questions To Ask Before Sending Your Monkey Into Space (10. “Is this one of those scams where they steal your monkey?”)

7. Thurs., Feb. 7, Top Ten Things Overheard At The Home Of The Couple Who Have Been Married 80 Years (2. “It’s been more than four hours, we better call the doctor.”)

6. Tues., March 26, Top Ten Signs Your Pilot Is A Fake (2. When he thanks you for flying, his moustache falls off.)

5. Weds., July 17, Top Ten Signs You’re At A Bad Amusement Park (7. Before getting on ride, operator checks your inseam.)

4. Thurs., Sept. 12, Top Ten Other Things Never Before Said By The Pope (4. “You kids got smokes for Grandpa?”)

3. Thurs, Nov. 14, Top Ten Thoughts Going Through Rob Ford’s Mind At This Moment (4. “I’m not an addict, I’m just stupid.”)

2. Mon., Nov. 4, Top Ten Coveted Pieces Of Celebrity Memorabilia (5. Pat Sajak’s collection of black-market vowels.)

1. Weds., Nov. 27, Top Ten Excuses For Missing Your Thanksgiving Dinner With Your Family (10. “Thanksgiving? We did that last year.”)


[h2] Top 10 British YouTubers[/h2]

Adrienne Tessier, Volunteer Staff

1. [i]Danisnotonfire[/i] - Dan Howell, sometimes caustic, occasionally deep, and always hilarious.

2. [i]Itswaypastmybedtime[/i] - Carrie Hope Fletcher. West End actress (currently Eponine in Les Miz), voracious reader, and lover of Disney.  

3. [i]Zoella[/i] - Zoe Sugg. Adorable and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

4. [i]Cgpgrey[/i] - This transplanted New Yorker’s ‘Grey Explains’ videos are goldmines for trivia lovers.

5. [i]Jacksgap[/i] - Jack and Finn Harries didn’t get a million subscribers in just over a year for nothing. The fact that they are very (very) easy to watch can’t hurt.

6. [i]Littleradge[/i] - Liam Dryden, passionate Whovian and generally cool Scottish guy.

7. [i]Sortedfood[/i] - These guys will solve any culinary conundrum you may have with their signature “Sorted Twist”.

8. [i]Numberphile[/i] - Pretty much anything by filmmaker Brady Haran out of the University of Nottingham is great.

9. [i]j1mmyb0bba[/i] - Jim Chapman. Lots of British sarcasm.

10. [i]Charliesissocoollike[/i] - Charlie McDonnell. The original.


[h2] Top 10 News Stories That Got Too Much Coverage in 2013[/h2]

Ayame Ulrich, Uniter Creative Director

1. Sunil Tripathi, wrongly accused of being one of the Boston Bombers

2. Asiana Airlines crash name prank

3. Rob Ford

4. 3D printers / 3D printed guns

5. Miley Cyrus twerking

6. Twerking

7. 50 Shades of Grey film finds its two leads (why is this still happening?)

8. Celebrity pregnancy weight gain (Kim Kardashian)

9. Celebrity pregnancy [i]lack[/i] of weight gain (Kate Middleton)

10. Celebrity babies


[h2]Top 10 Albums[/h2]

Matt Williams, List maker/ex-Haunter

1. [i]Wheel[/i] - Laura Stevenson

2. [i]Unleash Yourself[/i] - Aye Nako

3. [i]Cerulean[/i] - Waxahatchee 

4. [i]Fireball[/i] - Greg MacPherson 

5. [i]The Bones of What You Believe[/i] - Chvrches 

6. [i]Nepenthe[/i] - Julianna Barwick 

7. [i]Days Are Gone[/i] - HAIM 

8. [i]Come Cry With Me[/i] - Daniel Romano 

9. [i]MCII[/i] - Mikal Cronin 

10. [i]Wet EP[/i] - Wet

Published in Volume 68, Number 14 of The Uniter (December 4, 2013)

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