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Christopher Leo - Professor Emeritus

Area of research: Respecting Community Difference in National Policy
Department: Political Science 
Years teaching: retired in 2012.

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When Dr. Christopher Leo isn’t blogging about city politics and development you might find him enjoying a Little Scrapper IPA or listening to the Steve Miller Band. Or you might find him around campus working with student employees involved in his research on the politics of urban growth. The now retired, but still researching, political sciences professor was recently named professor emeritus at the University of Winnipeg fall convocation on Oct. 17. Dr. Leo has published two books in his career thus far - a significant achievement for the man who hoped to be an author when he grew up - and has written extensively for academic journals. 

The first thing Dr. Leo does when the semester ends is mark finals (typically lacking in multiple choice answers, as he doesn’t like to waste his time thinking up wrong answers).  The professor denies wanting any superpowers though some of his colleagues may claim he already has them. “I don’t care for superpowers,” Dr. Leo says. “That’s why I came to Canada from the US for graduate studies and never looked back.”

Land and Class in Kenya (1984)
The Politics of Urban Development (1977)

Published in Volume 69, Number 8 of The Uniter (October 22, 2014)

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