Danielle Da Silva

  • Winnipeg Is: Community renewal

    It may have taken ten years and $217 million, but the University of Winnipeg may have finally filled in its “moat."

  • Liberating Winnipeg Centre

    The man who swept into Winnipeg’s mayoral race and earned votes through a grassroots campaign and frank discussion of the city’s inequity is now running federally for the Liberal Party of Canada in Winnipeg Centre.

  • The PROFile - Shannon Vickers

    Assistant professor Shannon Vickers knows how to handle stage fright. The voice, text and dialect expert in the U of W’s theatre department coaches students on how to use their voices in the most effective way possible, both on and off the stage.

  • Creating a safer campus

    Students and staff at the University of Winnipeg took the first steps in creating a campus free of sexual violence last week.

  • One Part Outlaw, One Part Artist, One Part Explorer

    It might be considered graffiti and an act of vandalism, but Kush’s poster of the late ‘homeless hero’ Faron Hall reads like something completely different.

  • Fill your spare with song

    For the busy student or educator puttering away on campus, music can be an escape.

  • Favourite Prof

    For four years Joanne Kelly has been pushing students out of their comfort zones and getting results.

  • How to avoid holiday failure

    If you’re anything like me (procrastinator, indecisive) you probably head out a week before your holiday celebration in search of magnificent gifts. 

  • Lack of apology draws criticism from community

    Members of the LGBT* community are demanding an apology from LGBT* nightclub Fame after an offensive and discriminatory photo was posted on its Facebook page.

  • The PROFile

    When Dr. Christopher Leo isn’t blogging about city politics and development you might find him enjoying a Little Scrapper IPA or listening to the Steve Miller Band. Or you might find him around campus working with student employees involved in his research on the politics of urban growth.

  • Farewell your worship

    I remember the first and only time I met Mayor Sam Katz.

  • Say it ain’t sew

    Andee Penner is known for her hyper-local, Winnipeg-themed garments and greeting cards, and for eight years she’s made a living on her handmade goods.

  • Our city, our women, our sexual violence

    On Sept. 1, 2014 two women contacted the Winnipeg Police Service to report being sexually assaulted.

  • Flooding causes major damages to U of W campus

    On Thursday, August 21, Sarah Tichborne hadn’t planned to walk home through torrential rain in shorts, sneakers and a gym shirt.