Sweet, sweet newsprint

It finally happened! The Uniter is back in print!

That’s right, folks. Unless something has gone horribly awry between the time I’m writing this (Wednesday evening) and Thursday afternoon, this issue marks The Uniter’s first print edition since March of 2020, when the University of Winnipeg campus closed due to COVID-19. We’ve been teasing this for a bit, and it’s still a reduced print run (we’re currently only distributing the paper on campus), but after 39 online-exclusive issues and two batches of summer stories, it sure feels good to be holding some sweet, sweet newsprint.

But that’s not all! This issue is also dedicated to the results of our annual Uniter 30 readers’ poll, in which you, our beloved audience, voted on your favourite Winnipeg people, places and events of the past year in 30 different categories. We’re thrilled to present this to you all and show the winners some love.

A few notes about the Uniter 30: in most cases, we reached out to first-place winners for interviews. In instances when those winners weren’t available, or in cases where the winner is someone who has been covered in the same category in multiple previous years, we’ve opted to speak to or cover second-place runners-up. And finally, since this is an opportunity to pass the metaphorical microphone to others, we didn’t count any votes cast for The Uniter (although one or two of our staff may have gotten some recognition for work they’ve done both inside and outside our pages).

Published in Volume 76, Number 12 of The Uniter (December 2, 2021)

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