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  • Please read responsibly

    In order to write the news, you also have to read the news.

  • Critipeg: How to Have Sex

    Plays Feb. 16 to 29 at Cinematheque

  • Bogus budget

    On Feb. 7, Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham released the city’s preliminary budget for 2024 to 2027. Frustratingly, it’s the work of a city hall still dedicated to protecting the interests of wealthy property owners at the expense of the poor and working-class people who actually need help.

  • A call against brutality

    January 2024 is coming to an end, and, already, the Winnipeg Police Service has killed another person.

  • The cheque’s in the mail

    If you’ve read the news in the past week, you may have heard that Canada Post is in crisis. On Jan. 16, the Crown corporation announced that it's selling off its IT and logistics departments to private companies. The move is financially motivated – Canada Post reported a loss of over half a billion dollars in 2022.

  • Critipeg: True Detective: Night Country

    “Part 1” streaming now on Crave.

  • Signs of the times

    Like most cities, Winnipeg’s buildings tell a story about its past. Well, maybe it’s not a single story with a clearly defined arc. Perhaps, more accurately, Winnipeg’s buildings are a scattershot anthology of short stories. They range from the old and beautifully preserved to the rundown and decrepit, from quaint character neighbourhoods to rows of identical strip malls, like so many cubes of Lego, devoid of any personality whatsoever.

  • Backsliding on campus

    On Wednesday, between editing articles for this issue of the paper, I took a detour to Riddell Hall to get myself a coffee. On the way there, I was greeted by an unpleasant sight: a student had set up a table passing out merchandise for federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre.

  • Reflections on a decade at The Uniter

    This week marks a major anniversary for me. Ten years ago, in the early days of 2014, I first started writing for The Uniter. For the past decade, this newspaper has been my life.

  • City briefs

    Google strikes deal on Canadian news // Mass shooting in West Broadway // Globe and Mail names Winnipeg third most livable city // CN Rail files suit against protesters // Embattled school trustee resigns // True North requests extension on Portage Place redevelopment

  • Uniter 30 outtakes

    Tabulating the votes for the Uniter 30 every year is an emotional rollercoaster. Some years it’s fun. Others, boring. Depending on my mood, it’s a task I either look forward to or dread. No part of the psychological experience oscillates more wildly than the joke votes.

  • Favourite Winnipegger abroad

    1. Chris Jericho

    2. Guy Maddin

    3. Brit Kornell

  • Favourite local achiever over 60

    1. Fred Penner

    2. Karen Fuhr

    3. Lara Rae

  • Your undisputed favourites

    It’s The Uniter’s final issue of 2023, which can only mean one thing ... or 30 different things?

  • Bittersweet farewells

    Within 24 hours, Winnipeggers learned that we’ll be bidding farewell to two local institutions of sorts.

  • ‘Still obscure as hell’

    For years, John Paizs has been a cult figure among cult figures. The filmmaker, a key creator in the early days of the Winnipeg Film Group, created work that was subversive, funny and visually inventive. His trio of half-hour shorts, The Three Worlds of Nick (1981 to ’84), and his first feature, Crime Wave (1985), are cutting-edge works of underground ’80s cinema. They’ve also been, until recently, really difficult to actually see.

  • The C word

    On Wednesday, Nov. 15, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was sharply rebuked by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu’s rage wasn’t inspired by Trudeau speaking negatively about the Israeli PM. He didn’t even take the basic step of calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

  • Uniter 30: last chance to vote!

    Regular Uniter readers are probably sick of seeing me ramble about the Uniter 30. But, I’ve got one last ramble, and it’s an important one: the voting period has been extended!

  • Salute to a local legend

    On Oct. 30, CBC Manitoba meteorologist John Sauder announced that he will soon be retiring.

  • U of W Foundation embraces Net Zero, but not divestment

    The University of Winnipeg (U of W) Foundation, which oversees the U of W’s $82 million endowment fund, has committed to ensuring its investment portfolio is “aligned with net-zero emissions” by 2050 or sooner.

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