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Jeremy Haywood-Smith taking over event booking at The Good Will

Jeremy Haywood-Smith is the new event booker for The Good Will Social Club, ushering the venue back to in-person events.

The Good Will Social Club is a hub for local and visiting artists to play tunes, have faceoffs and unite people with the venue’s electric karaoke sessions. All these events couldn’t happen without someone to connect with musicians and organize dates to make these arrangements a reality.

Jeremy Haywood-Smith (who releases music under the name JayWood) might have held shows of his own at the venue, but he will now take the lead in event booking for other artists eager to step on the The Good Will’s stage.

“It’s nice to change the narratives of the music scene in Winnipeg. It’s great to be able to connect with folks, listen to their ideas and help to build community,” he says.

Having grown up with fond memories at the venue, Haywood-Smith feels at home in his new role and is excited to organize events following the COVID-19 pandemic. A highlight for him as a performer, before stepping in as a staff member, was getting involved in the Bands as Bands (show in which local artists impersonate famous bands) Gorillaz edition.

“It was really special, because one of my first memories at The Good Will was watching one of these shows,” he says.

After a while with closed doors, the music venue is prepared to host upcoming shows. Anthony Kowalczyk, one of The Good Will’s owners, shared insight on how the community played a pivotal role during the tough times.

“The pandemic has been tough on everyone, and, to be honest, we were only able to stay afloat through the support of our community. While we’re operating in a smaller capacity, we will always focus on high-quality programming, and that’s where Jeremy comes in,” Kowalczyk says.

To ensure that staff and patrons can enjoy live entertainment in a safe and comfortable environment, Kowalczyk says folks will be required to show proof of double vaccination.

Among the upcoming concerts is one of Haywood-Smith’s first bookings. The show that will take place on Oct. 2 features Boogey the Beat, Mooki and Caid Jones.

“The first (show) that I booked on my own is a hip-hop show, and it’s awesome that we will get a fully BIPOC bill. One of the greatest incentives for me going into this position is to diversify,” HaywoodSmith says.

As a musician himself, Haywood-Smith sees this position as an opportunity to empathize with new artists and help them put out their own shows. He is excited to meet new bands from both inside and beyond Winnipeg.

“It’s just nice to keep in touch with the local scene and know who these bands are coming out of the pandemic. Outside of the local scene, I would like to potentially be able to bring more artists to Winnipeg, and hopefully they have a good time here,” he says.

To find more information about upcoming events, visit or @thatgoodwill on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Anyone interested in booking an event should fill out a form on

Published in Volume 76, Number 4 of The Uniter (October 1, 2021)

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