Spring-time date ideas

Well, dear reader, it’s that time of year again.

I’ve been working out, feeling air on my skin, smiling more and trying to forget that soon we’ll all be tweeting pictures of “OMG, SNOW IN MAY!?”

The milder weather always gets me feeling a little romantic. I mean, what’s the point in wearing a summer dress if you can’t make someone flush every time a spaghetti strap “accidentally” falls off your shoulder?

I’m a busy bee with the comedy festival and a new job, but I hope to find someone who might want to take me on the following dates.

I suppose you could always take these ideas too, if you’re trying to date someone else for whatever reason.

Mini golf/playgrounds/the zoo

If I’ve learned anything from romantic comedies, it’s that engaging in child-like activities with an attractive member of the opposite sex makes for a whimsical and charming day.

If you’re going for a ‘90s feel, make sure to put on all your facial piercings and run a cheese grater over your jeans. Look at you two - you’re doing silly things while looking bad ass! What a pair.

That fake town in the Manitoba Museum

This is an indoor date, but parking can be hell downtown so enjoy a lovely walk through the Exchange District on your way there.

I have always loved that old-timey town in the museum, plus all the neat stuff on the way there like The Nonsuch or the polar bear that can’t decide if he wants to eat his seal in the day or nighttime.

Now you’ll probably just go because I confused you and thus piqued your interest with that last one, but don’t leave without watching a Charlie Chaplin movie in the silent movie theatre.


I have always been fascinated by the goings on in the sky. Even in the city, I walk around on warm summer nights looking up with a slack-jawed expression on my face.

One of the coolest things I ever experienced was when the daycare I worked at had a “portable planetarium” brought in, which was, well, exactly what it sounds like.

Another thing I love to do is park in the middle of nowhere during an intense storm and watch the lightning.


I am a sucker for the whole “buy me a candy apple and win me a bear” idea. I’ve also never been on a ferris wheel, and have been waiting for someone big and strong (or smallish with a good sense of humour) to hold my hand through it.

I have gone to these places before with friends, but if I could go with someone who might also steal a kiss or two, well, that would be just marvelous.

I should warn you though: if you decide to take me on some kind of ultra-romantic combination date using two or more of these ideas, you’ll probably have to marry me after.

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Published in Volume 66, Number 25 of The Uniter (March 28, 2012)

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