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Not guilty for murder charge

Jason Stinson, a Louisville, Kentucky high school football coach, has pleaded not guilty to the homicide of 15-year-old offensive lineman Max Gilpin.

According to, Gilpin collapsed during a practice that was being held on a very hot day. Gilpin was reported to have been running sprints in his gear. Gilpin’s medical records will be investigated during the proceedings of the trial due to a history of medical conditions.

Some of the Louisville community who believe that Stinson should not be held responsible for Gilpin’s death came together to support the coach at a prayer gathering. Stinson played for the University of Louisville and the New York Giants for a brief period of time.

There is no gold in pot smoking

Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps promised that he has puffed his last pipe of marijuana.

Just after being named the U.S. Olympics committee Sportsman of the Year and the AP male athlete of the year, Phelps was found taking a puff from a pipe in a photo that was discovered in a tabloid called News of the World. According to, Phelps issued a response claiming that the suspension issued by the U.S. Olympics Committee was fair and that he exhibited “bad judgment” for what he did.

The USOC claimed that Michael Phelps has acknowledged his mistake and apologized.

Blood, violence and controversy at CFC

Canadian Fighting Championship’s first show on Feb. 6 was anything but a snoozer.

Dean Lewis suffered a career-ending beat down at the hands of Eric Perez. Robin Black saw his first MMA win over Stephane Poirier via a triangle choke in the second round. Local undefeated fighters Justin Barnard and Rodrigo Munduruca increased their flawless records; both are now 6-0.

Other local fighters who saw success in the ring include Jon Henderson, Mark Durant, Dominick Blais, Lindsay Hawkes and long-time pro Chris Fontaine. In the main event, “Dangerous” Dave Zuniga saw a controversial split-decision loss to Ottawa’s Mark Holst.

Fight not over yet

After his loss to welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre, BJ Penn has a number of complaints about the fight.

According to, St. Pierre’s cornerman accidentally rubbed Vaseline on St. Pierre’s back making him slippery and not allowing Penn to get a grip on Rush.
St. Pierre later explained that his cornerman was rubbing his back as a breathing technique and not to cheat.

The UFC has made a new rule that fighters can no longer provide their own cut men that handle the Vaseline and that the UFC will provide its own.

St. Pierre has offered a rematch, which Penn has accepted.

Published in Volume 63, Number 20 of The Uniter (February 12, 2009)

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