Polish those clubs

‘Fore’ weeks left until first tee-off?

Megan Turnbull

That white stuff outside is finally melting and the wonderful green grass below is slowly becoming more and more visible. This means that the time to play the most relaxing, yet most frustrating sport, is thankfully near.

Only in golf can you appreciate the view of the morning sun, the smell of the freshly cut greens, the enjoyment of friends with a few beers while at the same time hearing more swears in 18 holes than in a full Seth Rogan movie.

I know that I am not the only person who has started cleaning out their golf bag and polishing those clubs with a fine toothbrush. I know this because I am not the only one who is getting excited for the golf season.

“Rossmere golfers are getting excited about the upcoming golf season,” said Glenn Singleton of Rossmere Country Club. “We have received many calls regarding opening date as well as membership inquiries.”

“People have called to see what is new in (golf) technology and just to talk golf,” said Jim Steep from Glendale Golf and Country Club.

Winnipeg is home to many avid golfers, which is surprising, since in Manitoba the golf season is limited to about five months - our biggest obstacle being late and heavy snowfalls.

“With a little cooperation from Mother Nature we will open by the April 18th weekend,” Singleton said. “Possibly sooner.”

Opening days vary from course to course but most courses hope to have us teeing off by the middle of April.

“Believe it or not, every year the opening day is almost the same regardless of the amount of snow,” said Steep. “We usually open the driving range around April 15th and the course five to seven days later.”

The driving range is often under utilized, but since it opens much earlier than the actual course, this is a perfect place to get rid of the initial golfers itch. This is a good time to get some blood flowing in those body joints that are never used during the winter season.

In golf, you are responsible for your own results and you sure can’t blame someone else for what your scorecard says at the end of the round.

Golf should be simply enjoyed. In order to enjoy the sport, a recreational golfer should understand that they will never be a professional - and not take it too seriously.

Just remember that golf is simple math: 90 per cent mental and 10 per cent mental.

Published in Volume 63, Number 25 of The Uniter (March 26, 2009)

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