Kevin Chaves

  • Playgrounds are for big kids, too

    Remember being a kid and always looking forward to recess?
    You and your friends would spend time in the morning picking soccer teams, so when you got outside, not a second would be wasted.

  • Polish those clubs

    That white stuff outside is finally melting and the wonderful green grass below is slowly becoming more and more visible. This means that the time to play the most relaxing, yet most frustrating sport, is thankfully near.

  • More than just a playoff beard

    Is there anything better than playoff hockey?

  • March Madness preview

    Uniter staff members Jo Villaverde, Kevin Chaves and Mike Collins, along with the man who picked Kansas to go all the way last year, Marko Bilandzija, chime in with their favourite teams and players to watch for during March Madness.

  • Boxing has not been knocked out

    There is no question that mixed martial arts (MMA) has grown to a level that only a few had ever imagined – but who started this rumour that the sport of boxing is dead?

  • Tough love on skates

    Fighting is as important to the NHL as sex is to a honeymoon. Those that love fighting realize the importance of allowing the players to police themselves in ways that referees fail to do.

  • Adrenaline junkies welcome

    The event is an insane combination of hockey, downhill skiing and boardercross, and it calls on all adrenaline junkies to go for a ride.

  • No beer, no barbecue, no point?

    There I was at nine in the morning enjoying a nice cold beer before a Kansas City Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium. I wasn’t in my hotel room, a bar or on the way to the game. Instead, I was actually in the middle of a good old-fashioned NFL tailgate party with tens of thousands of other football die-hards in the parking lot. Suddenly the question popped up: can I do this before a Blue Bomber game?

  • NFL Picks

    Welcome back! Our final installments of the NFL Picks will highlight the culmination of the NFL season as the post-season winds down. This week, we look over the AFC and NFC conference championships. The regular season doesn’t matter anymore. Every game could be the last. Check your insight against ours, including last year’s NFL Picks champ: Scott!