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Winnipeggers discuss the power of the Stache

Derek Martens

Movember has arrived and there are many good reasons to participate: first and obviously foremost, it’s for a good cause.

“I know it raises awareness for prostate cancer, and I support that,” says Marco, a University of Winnipeg student who is planning on rocking a Fu Manchu. He describes it as the type donned by “those old-school sensei guys, with the long goatee”, often seen in “those old kung-fu movies.”

The goal of Movember is to increase awareness about prostate cancer, but also to raise money for cancer research, supporting men’s health initiatives and providing grants. It’s a fun way to bring attention to a serious issue.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. Up to 30% of men in their lifetime will be diagnosed, and 1 in 25 to 1 in 30 men will die from the ailment in their lifetime.

“My uncle actually recently passed away from cancer,” says Andre, an education student at the University of Winnipeg. “So for the past couple years I’ve been raising money and just trying to help out with the cause.”

Movember Winnipeg is hoping to raise at least one million dollars this year to improve on the $975,000 raised in 2012. There are 10,000 registered members on the Movember website from across Manitoba.

Public figures are getting into the fun too. Dave Gaudreau, MLA for St. Norbert says he plans on participating this year. What kind of stache will he be going for?

“It was pretty cheesy the last time,” he says, “but probably about the same. Last time I did a handle bar mustache.”

There are now also many events and deals for participants, including a Movember party on November 30 at the Pyramid Cabaret, and a Movember group ticket promotion for the last regular season Blue Bomber game on November 2.

“It seems like a pop culture thing now. I think it’s a good approach to raise awareness,” says Michael, a University of Winnipeg student.

Movember is upon us. Gentlemen, it’s time to show us your best.



For some girls, it’s a wonderful time of year.  Some are a little creeped out, but still support a good cause. 

What are your opinions of mustaches?

“It depends on the guy. Some guys can pull it off really good, and some guys just look dirty.”

“I think it becomes an obsession, like they want to grow the dirtiest mustache they can.”


“If it was attached to a beard, like a goatee.”

“I can’t stand kissing him when only one half is furry. It’s top AND bottom or nothing.”


“No monopoly man.”

“It has to look like it’s being taken care of, too.”


“When one thinks best celebrity mustache, only one great man comes to mind for me… The great Tom Selleck... Magnum P.I. Never have I seen a thicker and fuller luscious stache. To me it’s just classic. The classic stache.” 
- Carly Honeybunn, on Facebook

Jill, Noel, and Nicole, three University of Winnipeg students all agree that no matter the stache, being supportive of a good cause is attractive. One woman said, “Even if they have an ugly mustache, if they are really into cancer awareness, I feel like you might date him.” 

“Yes I would, totally,” another replied.

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Published in Volume 68, Number 9 of The Uniter (October 30, 2013)

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