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  • Obsessed with weight

    Take a moment to think about how you see yourself in terms of health and body image.

  • Climbing for a cause

    Winnipegger Marissa Zurba has been doing a lot of stairs lately, and not just to stay in shape during the winter. Zurba is going to be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise $5,000 for SOS Children’s Villages.

  • Peer into our future

    What do the three finalists in this year’s Future Leaders of Manitoba Awards’ age 20-25 category have in common? Apart from their general desire for positive change, Chelsea Caldwell, 21, Cameron Krisko, 20, and Iain Brynjolson, 24, are all students at the University of Winnipeg.

  • Is science part of spirituality?

    Are science and spirituality mutually exclusive categories, or are they inclusive? Anupam Sharma, organizer of a public forum held at the University of Winnipeg’s Convocation Hall from 1:00 - 4:30 pm on January 29, is asking just that.

  • Vibe of the HIVE

    There’s a new buzz on the University of Winnipeg campus. A recently created multi-purpose space called the HIVE is opening up new possibilities for student groups, and new opportunities for students to connect and share creatively.

  • Dressed for success

    Remember how the Park Theatre’s café and music venue had a feel similar to a 50s diner? Recent major renovations have left it starkly different. The old feel is but a distant memory.

  • When sad becomes S.A.D.

    Winter can be a hard time of month for many people. You may feel holed up in your home, with added stress from school or work, and experiencing little sunshine to give you that boost of warmth you need. While we almost all experience the winter blues at some point, some suffer from a more serious condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder.

  • Hibernating 101

    Despite human technological advances and our supremacy on the food chain, humans still don’t know how to handle -40 degree weather quite like Manitoban animals do.

  • The University of Winnipeg Event

    The first week of University hosts some hallmark memories of our lives. It marks that transition from being a high school student to one who is now in the “real world”. We owe some of our most vivid memories of this significant time to Orientation Week, aka “O-Week”.

  • The Photographer

    It is easy to see why so many voted April Dawn Plett as their favourite photographer.

  • The Comedian

    When you meet J.D. Renaud, he comes across as a humble, down to earth, and creative guy.

  • Given Isaac giving hope

    Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC) Wesmen basketball player Given Isaac is a player to keep an eye on in the next few years. 

  • Inner-city revitalization through education

    The University of Winnipeg’s Urban and Inner-city Studies department has clued in to a key for increasing education success in the inner-city, and in turn is transforming Winnipeg communities.

  • Mission: Empowerment

    “What we do is food, but what we are is community,” says Dave Cunnin, Assistant Director of Agape Table, a 33-year-old community nutrition centre that aims to help out the homeless. The organization is holding an open house on Friday November 22 from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm at its 175 Colony Street (All Saint’s Church) location to get others interested in an important mission.

  • Winnipeg through the eyes of a tourist

    Whenever you visit a new place, you seek out new adventures and experiences to revel in. It intrigued me how positive most of these people were about this city. Perhaps these are the people to ask what our city is all about. What were their expectations and how did Winnipeg live up to them?

  • Anarchists got skills

    A community of local anarchists are hoping that their Winnipeg Anarchist Book Fair and DIY Fest at the Albert Street Autonomous Zone (91 Albert St.) will attract all different types of people to learn about new ideas and hone their skills.

  • Giving victims a voice

    “We are going to attempt to have the biggest event ever around bullying prevention,” states Sangeetha Nair, co-founder of Hateless, an anti-bullying event set to take place at 12:30 pm on Saturday, November 16 at the Park Theatre.

  • Reel take on real issues

    The Global Justice Film Festival (GJFF), held on November 1 and 2 at the University of Winnipeg, features a multitude of films – both national and international – including the premiere of a local film from a Winnipeg director.

  • Mo bros. unite!

    Movember has arrived and there are many good reasons to participate: first and obviously foremost, it’s for a good cause.

  • Can an app a day keep the doctor away?

    The relationship between healthy living and technology is “a-changing”, as Bob Dylan might put it.

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