Keep on keepin’ on

Versatile Party Rockers Supersuckers are back on the road


Self-proclaimed “Greatest Rock n' Roll Band in the World” the Supersuckers will be stomping their boots into town following the release of their ninth studio album, Get the Hell.

The tour comes after an eight-year hiatus, a time where the band was able to incubate its sound and get ready for what lead vocalist and bassist Eddie Spaghetti calls the band's best album yet.

“The break definitely benefitted this record,” Spaghetti says over the phone from his home in Seattle, where the band is having a short breather before starting the Canadian leg of the tour. “It was like making our first record over again and to have that this late in the game is kind of a miracle.”

Originally hailing from Tucson, Arizona, the Supersuckers have been making raucous music for over 25 years and see no sense in slowing down. In fact, they may even be experiencing a renaissance of sorts.

“I feel like I've been on fire with the songs lately,” Spaghetti says. “I'm even writing new ones for the next record while on the road. It's definitely an exciting time.”

Spaghetti has also recently started up a podcast with his wife of 15 years, called The Spaghetti Family, which he describes as therapeutic.

“It's cool to commiserate with fans at the merch booth about [the podcast]” Spaghetti says. “Every show I hear someone mention it which is great 'cause it's basically just my wife and I shooting the shit.”

Over the years the sound of the Supersuckers has been able to jump from grunge to southern rock to cowpunk while maintaining the ability to produce wild, fist-pumping anthems. With each album containing a slightly different influence, the band has opened up a rock ‘n' roll fountain of youth.

“I feel that one fuels the other,” Spaghetti says of the band’s different influences. “When we're out doing rock shows we miss the country and when we're doing the country shows we miss the rock. They definitely feed each other. I think having the ability to play the country music like we have helps take the expiration date off the band.”

With a country album on the horizon, the Supersuckers will continue to kick out the catchy hooks until the cows come home.

“It's fun, it's just getting up there and playing music,” Spaghetti says. “It doesn't seem to me there'd be any reason to retire from it.”

The Supersuckers grace the stage at the Pyramid Cabaret Oct. 28. Tickets are $19.75 and doors are at 8:30 p.m.

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