Jillian Groening

  • The Uniter Speaker Series presents The Faculty of Horror

    Leaning into discomfort

  • Bolos, Blundstones and the Blues

    This ain’t your average music festival.  Held downtown at The Forks National Historic site, Winnipeg’s first annual Interstellar Rodeo was a success of divine proportions.


    July 29-31, 2015 at 7PM nightly The Lyric Theatre, 55 Pavilion Crescent located in Assiniboine Park Free!


    Every summer, rumours spread of drugged cookies being offered and headlines popup about assaults. People are groped while trying to enjoy their favourite band and lewd cat calls are made uninvitedto individuals just trying to beat the heat.

  • Winnipeg Is: Opportunities/Limits

    Why do you live in Winnipeg?

    Isolated in the middle of the continent and frigid temperatures for half of the year, the reasons people settle in Manitoba’s capital city are as vast as the suffocating fields surrounding the perimeter highway.

  • Reckless Behaviour

    Why do I perform? What is the point in putting my work in front of people? These are questions that dance artist Zorya Arrow, 25, can’t stop asking herself.

  • The people behind the portrait

    Winnipeg’s downtown will be soon be home to a powerful art exhibit debunking racial stereotypes.

  • Whose House? Mark & Cindy’s House.

    The idea of home as a sanctuary to feel comfortable, safe and inspired is beautifully articulated in Mark Reimer and Cindy Titus’ Crescentwood apartment.

  • A celebration of scholarship

    “The first time I set foot on campus was at the spring powwow eight years ago,” current powwow co-ordinator Grace Redhead-Clarke says over coffee in the Aboriginal Student Lounge.

  • Stories From the Shadows

    No matter your job or your gender, everyone seems to have an opinion about women working in the sex industry.

  • Up All Night With Paranoia and Playtex

    I have a confession to make. I’m scared to walk at night alone.

  • To Speak & Be Heard

    Embarking on a career in the arts can be daunting. Scratch that.

  • Anything But A Swan Song

    Ask any dance fan about their most-loved part of Swan Lake and you will practically hear their heart melt in time with Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s beautiful score.

  • Significant cinema

    It’s easy to take the right to an education for granted.

  • The Perfect Storm

    The act of writing can be tackled in at least two ways. First, there’s the option of sitting and letting the mind spin tales of wonder and far-off lands, yet only venturing as far as the kitchen to make a new pot of coffee. Or the writer can hurl themselves into a story regardless of where in the world it may take them, or how little logic the plan contains.

  • Fresh Pots!

    Bigger is not always better.

  • Culture Shock

    New Canadian Kid could not have arrived at a better time.

  • Kindling to the Fires of Creation

    “It’s every writer’s dream really - to be invited into a conversation all about writing!” Jennifer Still says over email.

  • A Dedicated Bender

    The human body is far more amazing than it’s often given credit for.

  • Winter Snow Route Blues

    It’s not a Winnipeg winter if you haven’t violated the annual snow route rules.

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