ILLUSIVE MIND GYPSY CREW - Vagrant Moth Three: A Place of No Echoes

Vagrant Moth Three: A Place of No Echoes is the final chapter in the Vagrant Moth trilogy and Illusive Mind Gypsy Crew’s fourth effort to date. Three is a sprawling album, and features over 20 guest musicians who contribute everything from didgeridoos to a trained opera singer. The album has a fair number of shorter, more experimental tracks and they serve as stepping-stones to and from the main foci of this album: a trio of three gargantuan songs ranging anywhere from 8 to 12-plus minutes in length. These three epics are the show stealers and have the band pulling all the stops in a majestic tour-de-force of experimental, folk-infused heavy metal. A must-have from the Winnipeg scene.

Published in Volume 64, Number 17 of The Uniter (January 28, 2010)

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