Ryan Suche


    This inaugural full-length by Winnipeg-based XVI Eyes (16 Eyes) is a testament to their dedication, as it took two years and a series of line-up changes to finally coalesce.

  • Rocking the foundations

    In the New Testament, when Jesus said, “You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church,” it’s likely that rock ’n’ roll wasn’t exactly what he had in mind.

  • WOODS OF YPRES - The Green Album

    Dripping with emotional storytelling and forlorn tributes to depression is Ontario metal band Woods of Ypres’ fourth offering, The Green Album.

  • DOMMIN - Love is Gone

    Dark, yet catchy. Sorrowful, yet uplifting. Old school, yet new school. Los Angeles newcomers Dommin combine opposing forces in their songs to create their triumphant debut on Roadrunner Records.

  • …AND THEN NOTHING - …And Then Nothing

    Post-rock is an oft-vilified sub-genre of rock ’n’ roll, usually dismissed as being a self-serving and pretentious grouping of art rockers.

  • Sex, death and depravity

    Auschwitz. Rwanda. Human trafficking. These things make us uncomfortable to be human. They are brutal illustrations of humanity’s capacity to act inhumanly towards others, to do abominable, unspeakable things.

  • MUTINY WITHIN - Mutiny Within

    “The future of metal has arrived” is loudly proclaimed on the cover sticker of this New Jersey-born metal band.

  • THE NEW ENEMY - Shakedown EP

    Oh looksie, another neo-hardcore punk band trying to do retro hardcore punk, and failing.

  • The Finger’s Twist

    Between the long arm of the law and the seedy bowels of the underworld lies a grey area that a few choose to follow. It is a place where lawyers cut dubious deals, politicians get special bonuses and police put spins on their investigations.


    This album is an illustrious debut by newcomers Soul Killing Female. Written over four years ago, Utopia Mine was finally recorded and released to the general public late last year.

  • ILLUSIVE MIND GYPSY CREW - Vagrant Moth Three: A Place of No Echoes

    Vagrant Moth Three: A Place of No Echoes is the final chapter in the Vagrant Moth trilogy and Illusive Mind Gypsy Crew’s fourth effort to date.

  • Five local artists to watch in 2010

    2009 was another banner year for music in Manitoba, and although it seems impossible, 2010 could very well trump it. Here are five local acts you should keep your eye on.

  • A heavy metal folk tale

    Illusive Mind Gypsy Crew has come a long way since their inception just a few short years ago.

  • QUAGMIRE - Don’t Forget the Blowtorch

    In this age of rejected hairdressing students at the forefront of whatever the monstrous thing that “punk” has mutated into, it’s utterly refreshing – and unfortunately, surprising – to hear a band playing some honest-to-goodness, down ‘n’ dirty punk rock.

  • TINNITUS - Clearing the Way

    Why do some bands insist on giving themselves such unfortunate names?

  • FRANK TURNER - Poetry of the Deed

    If one could sum up this album by singer-songwriter Frank Turner in one word, it would certainly be “earnest.”